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Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala
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Jul 14, 2012

it was ok

Reading this book was the most horrible 4 hours of my life. I have never been bothered with the central character of a book so much before. She was a girl named Miranda who liked to call herself RAND (in my native language it means slang with a W, I am sorry). Practically she seemed more like water and always became the same shape of whatever container she was poured into. She was a serious fan of her totally amazingly slut sister and wanted to be someone like her.Then Rand wanted to be that hot chick D,paid off her obsession to be part of the D-clan with her boyfriend and humiliation in front of the whole school. Yet that humiliation was not sufficient for her, she has to go back begging to her bf (who is now dating the Hot D)to take her back. I have never had an unexpected pregnancy, I dont know much about the hormonal changes, but I can just hope being a surprise mom doesn't turn girls into sloth-y beggars.
It will be a crime if I dont add a few lines about the deceased sister.no matter how bullying and mean parents might be, what degree of slut-i-ness someone needs to join a Christmas dinner with family with a dress where the mighty- panty is totally visible..and then she torn her dress to show her butt-chicks!?. Is this for real? From which planet they are from?


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