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Love and Capes Vol. 2 by Thomas F. Zahler
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Jul 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Love and Capes is still one of my favorite comics to keep up with and I recommend it every chance I get. If you don’t remember why I like this comic so much, let me give you a brief recap. Thomas has created a universe where we get to see superheroes not just saving the world (although those do appear from time to time) but showing what they do in those times in between. What they do in their private lives and how similar they are to the rest of us...although we might not all have to face of against evil clones, but hey that’s what makes these stories different right? And for me one of the highlights of going to a con (Heroescon in this case) is getting a chance to stop by Thomas’s booth and pick up the newest collection signed and just having a chance to tell him how much I enjoy the work. In this collection we see Mark planning his proposal to Abby and covers their eventual marriage right at the end.And the story continues.

Mark and Abby are ready to get married! Well...after Mark finds the perfect way to propose to Abby. It has to be something special, something unique, something that will let Abby know just how much he cares for her. But what to do? After a bit of advice for Charlotte, Mark figures it out. Now they just have to make it to the wedding. Which for most people wouldn't be problem, but when you're The Crusader all kinds of challenges rear their heads. But Mark and Abby can overcome anything together including evil clones, superhero powers, time stream complications, and ex-gf's and family. All in all a normal day for Mark and Abby.

Thomas has created a thoroughly enjoyable world, one with not only compelling stories, but characters that you feel like you really know and are able to connect to. What I like about this collection is just the variety of things that happen throughout the story and they aren’t always the things that you expect to happen, such as Abby getting superpowers. I mean we all might have conceived of the evil clone, but Abby getting superpowers and then giving them up again? Not likely. But what I liked best about that storyline is just how masterfully Thomas handled it with showing what it would really be like for many of us. Sure we would all love to have the super strength, the flight, and saving folks...but what about the first time you can’t save someone? How would you handle it? It’s one of the best stories that also illustrates just who Abby is. That she weeps over the one person she couldn’t save versus the 14 (and others) that she did. And that’s what Abby’s story shows us and it’s one of the best written storylines I’ve read in a long time. I also like that we get to see Mark struggle with some of the same things the rest of us do, such as the right way to propose to someone. It’s nice to see that even though he’s in his element saving the world...he still has just as much trouble with women as the rest of us.

I think that Thomas’s art has continued to improve with the series. He’s able to capture his characters emotions with ease, never leaving the reader wondering what they’re really thinking. I also love the little added details he adds, such as some of the titles on the books in the bookstores. I think one thing I’ve forgotten to mention in past reviews is the choice of colors. One of the things that I like is that Thomas never allows the color to overwhelm the reader. Yes we have highlights and shadows, but by and large he sticks with creating compositions that allow the characters to stand out and not be overwhelmed by the background, which is something a lot of other artists have issues with, even some that illustrate for the big publishing guys.

Thomas is masterful in creating this world and making the reader feel like an active part of it. Everytime I sit down to review this collection, I get sucked into reading the entire thing over and over again. It’s just that enjoyable. I would highly recommend this series, not just to folks that like the superhero universe, but to anyone that enjoys comics. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone in it and I look forward to the continued adventures of Mark & Abby.

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