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Limitless by Peter G Ruppert
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Peter Ruppert’s Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life acknowledges the obstacles placed in our life’s path and provides a blueprint for surmounting them. Ruppert is an education professional with two decades experience responsible for opening over one hundred schools and assuming control of more than twenty-five. His service as CEO and president of charter schools, early education entities, and private schools made his transition into a role as founder and CEO of Education Group, an organization operating over seventy-five Fusion and Futures Academies for grades 6-12 in one student/one teacher classroom settings as seamless as possible. His book attests to his experiences in these roles, what lessons he learned from such work, and blends these observations with autobiographical touches enriching the presentation.

It involves the reader more than many other books of this type. It is a crowded field. Many talented and experienced professionals have published books promoting a growth-mindset oriented strategy for self-improvement. What makes Ruppert’s book stand out from others? We will discuss a couple of key distinctions you can make. The first is including autobiographical elements in the book. These serve the purpose of illustrating to the reader his understanding of what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune come careening an individual’s way during the course of their lives. It reinforces the validity of his ideas.

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Another is more important than you may initially think. Ending each of the book’s nine chapters with, essentially, a listening/reading/viewing list for further study illustrates Ruppert’s commitment to helping his readers realize their potential. The book is, ultimately, about this – providing interested readers with a map for building on their strengths and expanding on their latent talents. His affirmative point of view never risks heavy-handedness and the energetic writing carries readers along with an impressive sweep.

The brisk pace and short length of the book prove to be an excellent pairing. There is no wasted motion in what Ruppert accomplishes with this work; he is focused, from the start, on the issue at hand and boils everything down to its essence with lean economy. This is reflective of his experience in the educational world where preparation and knowing your destination are among the keys to success. Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life plumbs into the heart of overcoming life’s trials and offers readers a path out of the darkness if they choose to follow it.

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His measured tone makes it even easier to believe him. There’s no missionary zeal informing these pages; Ruppert wants to relate to readers, but also doesn’t want to hector or browbeat them. He says there is an alternate way, you can be master of your own fate, but never attempts pushing readers in that direction. He realizes adopting this attitude is a personal decision. The arguments he makes in favor of his life direction are based on sound logic and tested by life. Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life is a book brimming with imagination and human truths we can turn to our advantage rather than floundering under life’s assaults.

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