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Warrior by Angela Knight
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Nov 02, 2008

really liked it
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Jessica Kelly is a simple, struggling artist in Atlanta, Georgia. She's waiting and hoping for her big break while taking care of her crack addict sister. Luckily, her roommate Charlotte Holt is an understanding lady and tells her not to worry about her financial situation. Charlotte seems like the perfect, understanding roommate until she infects Jessica with her DNA and sets her on the path of a futuristic killer. Luckily for Jessica, Galar Arvid and his team from the Temporal Enforcement Agency have been hiding in her bushes, waiting for the killer to make his move. When the killer attacks, he grabs Jessica mistaking her for her roommate, Charlotte. Jessica manages to get away despite a stab wound, and Galar and his team burst into her home, fighting off but not capturing the killer. They take her to the future where Jessica initially has a hard time with the adjustment. Galar thinks he's seen the last of the little native but his commanding officer decides Jessica needs protection and gives Galar the new duty of bodyguard. He is at first resistant but his pity for the terrified native turns into admiration as she strives to come to terms with her new life and the loss of her old one. The agency is unsure of who or what the Xeran battleborg assassin was after and decides Jessica needs observation, especially when she begins to develop incredible powers like telekinesis, precognition, and the ability to blow up a training bot. It seems Charlotte Holt was not who she appeared to be and has dragged Jessica into something that not even the Temporal Enforcement Agency knows about. With a mole within the agency stalking her, both Galar and Jessica need to learn to trust in each other and their abilities in order to help save something very special to the universe.

This is a sequel to Jane's Warlord and I loved that book and I loved this book too. Jessica has a spunky, feisty attitude and I loved her quick on her feet intelligence. Galar was supposedly known as a cold, unfeeling Warlord who after meeting Jessica, turned into as soft and gentle as any male in love. I loved how he took care of her. After her initial terror at finding herself inexplicably in the future, Galar downloaded the proper procedures into making her transition as smooth as possible. He took her on a 'date' surrounded by familiar foods and scenary and tries to sooth away all her fears. His fellow agents are astounded by Galar's change of personality with Jessica. Even though Angela Knight employs the dreaded Trust Issues device as a plot between them, they both get over it fairly quickly. In fact, Galar even asks her why she forgave him so easily and after thinking about it, Jessica replies that after having grown up as poor white trash, she didn't feel she deserved any better. I thought Jessica's answer was simple and heartfelt. It was surprisingly insightful into her character and it's possibly what drives her to help out wherever she can. I hope Angela Knight continues this series of Warlords/TimeHunters and Soon!
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