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Alice in the Country of Clover by QuinRose
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Jul 12, 2012

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Ok... So I was a fan of In the Country of Hearts, and a bit pissed that Tokyo pop closed, but when I heard about In The Countey of Clover, I was expecting it to be similar. Visually it was similar, but It followed the storyline of Alice falling I love with Dee and Dum. Then at the end there were brief one shots of her falling for Vivaldi, Blood, the Cheshire Cat Boris and Gowan.... Even when I found out it was based on a video game I still didn't follow as to why Alice was so in love with each at the end. I know how dating games work, but since this is a manga series I'm not sure there will be a cohesive plot line.

Boris will get three or four volumes and then there's 'my Fanatic Rabbit' being released later. So I'm guessing each manga (or set of volumes) will be about a different plot line and love interest for Alice.

If this is what you are looking for, or if you love the dating game then I recommend this.

Plot: Alice and the Hatters' mansion has moved into the Country of Clover. Dee and Dum show Alice that they have the ability to grow or shrink their bodies, they still call her Big Sis. They are not blood related but if any form or hint of sibling love bothers you just be aware. The actual plot takes a back seat to their growing love, there's an assembly but we aren't sure what's going on or what's being decided because we are reading about Alice blushing or thinking about the twins. The twins are just as bloody and violent as ever, they kill, they slice and they enjoy it. There are hot kissing scenes and a lot of blushing, but the 16+ age recommendation is mostly for the suggestiveness rather than anything hotter.

All in all I will buy the first Waltz of the Cheshire Cat to see if it's better, or just about her falling in love with Boris. Good artwork, good size, and interesting.

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