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The God Engines by John Scalzi
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Jul 12, 2012

really liked it

The God Engines is a pretty interesting piece of science fiction. Scalzi introduces us to a religious empire that expands its influence through conquest and conversion. While that is nothing new, the manner in which they do it is.

In The God Engines, people travel through space in ships powered by conquered gods and faith. People are granted "talents" by their lord, which give them special abilities and specific areas of responsibility. The empire of the point of view character appears to perpetually be in conflict with civilizations devoted to other gods and this conflict is one of the central focuses of the story.

The whole concept seemed pretty fresh to me, though I'm sure something similar has been done before. I found the story engaging from the beginning and the ideas explored kept me hooked through-out.

The ending worked, but only because it was a novella and you do not spend enough time with it to get too invested. If the same ending had been used in a full sized novel, I think I would have been very frustrated with it.

Regardless, if the back cover blurb sounds the least bit interesting to you, I recommend you give it a try.

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