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Team Human by Sarah Rees Brennan
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Mel Duan tries to save her best friend, Cathy, from falling in love with the new guy at school who much to Mel's annoyance is a centuries old vampire.

-I adored the concept of a protagonist who hates vampires and that goes on a mission to keep her best friend from dating one. Its pretty much guaranteed that every YA vampire book will be filled with cliches and this is no different, however this book is really only filled with cliches for the purpose of pointing out how ridiculous those cliches and tropes are.
The first half was very funny but the latter half didn't come across as satirical — the romance with Cathy and Francis (the vampire) started to be portrayed with more gravitas, so it wasn't quite as easy to laugh at their wuv for each other.

-I can imagine a lot of readers not liking the main character, Mel. She was obnoxious, racist, judgmental and tactless — but I found her attitude mostly entertaining. I loved that she didn't go weak at the knees for vampires and wasn't impressed by Francis. Her observations about him and vampires in general were hilarious and spot on. I liked how Mel was blunt with Francis and didn't just let him take Cathy away without a fight.

-I have to say I hated Cathy, she was weak, idiotic and too damsel in distress-y. Even though Francis and Cathy were both blah and had the personality of planks, I still found their dialogues hilarious because of how cheesy they were.
It was hard to like Cathy, since after a month of meeting Francis she decided to become a vampire for him even though in doing so she could die or become a zombie. I know the whole point of the book was to poke fun at silly teenage girls falling into insta-love with the centuries old vampire — but I still found myself irritated at Cathy's devotion to Francis and pissed at her giving up her life for someone she barely knew. I was hoping at the end that she would turn into a zombie, I would have preferred that, since it would have shown that jumping into things doesn't always work out. I suppose if that happened though it wouldn't have made for light, funny reading.

-Mel and Kit's romance was cute and funny. At first I was afraid that Mel would fall in love with Francis but thankfully the authors went down a different route. I was glad that Mel became a little more accepting of vampires but still stood firm that vampirism wasn't romantic or something people should do lightly. I hope that Kit doesn't turn into a vampire at the end — he seemed to enjoy hanging around with humans. I loved some of the conversations Mel and Kit had especially when Kit accused Mel of wanting to sex him up — it was so funny.

Overall, this was an entertaining and witty book. It's not meant to be taken seriously and Mel may not be everyone's cup of tea since she's pretty much a racist but for those readers that always groan, snort and roll their eyes when reading vampire books this might be right up your alley.
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Kristalia hehehhheh i actually loved Mel :D she was awesome :D
heheheh :D
awesome rev dear :D

Ferdy I loved Mel too even with all her faults :D

Kristalia heheheh but Cathy....sigh...she was to hasty going to be a vamp...while Kit had a reason and had a lot of time to think about becoming a vamp. His decision somehow in the end mirrored Cathy's

Ferdy Cathy really annoyed me. She barely knew Francis but she was willing to give up everyting for him! I really hope Kit doesn't get turned in to a vamp.. But yea, I could understand if he did decide to because he knows their way of life.

Kristalia we all know how it ended hhahahahah :D
but yeah. Cathy... she was foolish :(

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