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How to Leave Twitter by Grace Dent
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Jul 12, 2012

it was ok
Read in August, 2012

This book made me glad I never tried Twitter. I thought checking Facebook a few times a day was excessive. But there are actually people in the world--lots of them--who sit on the couch watching TV and tweet to the world at large about the program. I suddenly feel like I have a life.

I found this book hard to read. Partly this was because, not having used Twitter, I'm unfamiliar with any of the terminology--and there is a LOT of terminology. But I also think the author finds her own boisterous incoherence quite charming, and people seem to agree because she has oodles of followers.

Here's a typical sentence, chosen at random: "If you're a Mac user, you may have to endure a little pre-assistance whining about your decision to buy an Apple product when you could have bought a much uglier, joyless, sludge-coloured product which didn't sync with anything for MUCH LESS MONEY, but, hey, just bite your lip and keep smiling." Um, what? Am I the only one who had to read that sentence three times to figure out what it said? And one incoherent sentence is forgivable, but an entire book full of them is exhausting.

And I was also expecting more of a narrative. A book should have a point. A book called "How to Leave Twitter" would imply that there was a progression of sorts: the author joined Twitter, the author soured on Twitter, the author left Twitter. But no, this book just meanders through examples of things that happen on Twitter that the author thinks are relevant or funny.

People who use Twitter will probably "get" this and like it. I thought it was rather meh.

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message 1: by Tria (new) - rated it 1 star

Tria I have 52,000 tweets (over the space of 5 years) and follow about 1,000 people, of whom 650 follow me back. I suppose you might say I "got" it, but I certainly don't *like* it. It's rubbish and she comes across as SO full of herself. I wouldn't even recommend it to Twitter addicts, honestly.

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