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War Comes to Willy Freeman by James Lincoln Collier
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Oct 31, 2008

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Imagine you were in American Revolutionary war time, your mom was taken away by British and your father was killed fighting in the war, what would you do now? That was exactly what happened to Willy Freeman in this book. It was uneasy to disguise she was a girl. However, She was a brave and determined girl. As the war happened, she became alone after she came home helping her dad fighting the war and discovered her mother was disappeared. She was scared and confused not knowing what to do, but she was mature that she knew she had to survive and look for her mom. She sailed alone on the sea that her father had a boat left on the beach to New York finding her mother. She wasn't scared even she had caught by the raiders or British during her journey. She was daring that she lied she was a boy in order to escape away to look for her mother. In additon, she was thoughtful that she went to ask for help from her aunt and uncle, which they were slaves of Captain Ivers. Willy had thought about to stay with her aunt and uncle but they couldn't keep her and Willy didn't want to give up searching her mother either. She decided to continue searching her mother no matter what. She didn't care even it was hopeless to find her mother. She was very positive to herslef that her mother was alive. When she got to New York, she met a friendly man Sam Fraunces. He had helped her to get information about her mother. He let Willy work for him in a tavern to earn some money for herslef. Unfortunately, Willy was unfortunate after she found her mother but full of happiness that all slaves were freed.

In this book, the character Willy had inspired me. She was a girl who survived from the dangers that she had been through. If I were her, I wouldn't think like her to look for survival for myself. From this book, I learned a lesson from Willy Freeman. Whenever we encounter an obstacle, we need to be brave and persiistent face it until it ends. The further we go through the situation, the more we will feel relived. If we are afraid to face and never want to solve the problem, we are stacking the difficulties more and more every day. They will bother us and make us overwhelmed.

At last, I would highly recommend this book who is interested in reading historical books because that is the genre of this book or people who never know anything about American Revolutionary War. After I read this book, I actually had a better view of how struggle people were during the war and how the society was shaped in such choatic. It's hard to live in a society that is having a war and seeing the people
die or land is colored of blood. When I read this book, I could see how these slave were treated in the past. I feel I'm lucky living in this century. I feel appraciated of everything this world has giving me.

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