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The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
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Jul 11, 2012

it was amazing
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I can't wait....

Four definitely needs to develop many more legacies. I was thinking of something really cool about his legacies. Can legacies evolve? I was thinking it would be awesome if Four's did 'cause Telekinesis is his only useful battle legacy. Like Lumen could be like the first part of [insert name here] so it can evolve into something else.


After that battle I realized that Nine did most of the fighting. I felt useless during the whole battle...
What can I do?, I thought flickering on my Lumen.
The light was calming as a flexed it. I thought back...
Henri smiling at my improvement after training...
Our beach house in Florida, with a gust bending the palms...
I kept shifting through until I fell upon one of my memories with Sam before he found out...
"Aren't your glasses put a glare in your eyes?" I asked Sam on a sunny morning. "How can you see through the glare?"
"I've gotten used to it," he replied with a grin,"but it's also good for other purposes."
"Like what?"
"Give me a piece of paper and I'll show you."
I dug out an old shopping list. Milk, bread... the usual.
He tugged of his glasses. His grin looked like it was about to fall off his face.
He put the paper on the ground. "This much sun should be enough..." he muttered to himself. He then lifted his glasses over the paper and let the sun hit it directly.
A beam came out of the other side and hit the paper. The paper started burning. "The glasses concentrate the heat from the light, so it's hot enough to burn the paper..." he said.
The paper suddenly burst into flames. "... and possibly set it on fire," he muttered as he stomped the flames out deftly.
"Cool, though the flames were on accident," I said.
"No, no, the flames were on purpose," he answered, his face red.
I cocked an eyebrow, "That wasn't what I saw." To spare the poor guy I changed the subject. "We're going to be late for school!"
It worked. "Oh lord, English is first period. I'm dead," he said taking off. "My essay is going to get a zero!"

I snapped back to reality. I had an idea.
I concentrated my Lumen. Heat from the light...
I focused on making my Lumen as hot and concentrated as possible.
And then a small flame flickered in my palm.

and later:

The Mogs were attacking viciously. Six looked powerful with lightning bolts in her hands, the Mogs at her feet dead. Marina whacked them repeatedly with her telekinesis. Nine looked like a freaking ninja, his staff twirling. Ella and Crayton stood on the hill behind us their shots hitting home. I rained fire, sticks and fire sticks( sticks on fire) on my enemies.
For the first few minutes they were dying, but then the fire resistant ones came in on me. For five minutes I held my own with telekinesis, but then they crowded me, surrounded me, suffocated me, cut of me from the others.
I made a telekinetic shield. The rammed it, weakened it. I was going to die.
Then a few fell around me. So..
I took there body heat, I realized.Useful.
I got up, my shield still around me. Every time one of the Mogs touched my shield, I took there body heat and sent it to the ground because there was no reason to keep it.
Very soon they were all dead.
The fighting was finished.
"Is everyone okay?" Crayton yelled.
"Yes," we said back.
"Yes, Father," Nine said in a fake innocent voice.


Later Crayton had lead us to a different campsite and we set up camp.
He pulled me aside. "Your Lumen has evolved completely?"
His face softened. "Good, but be careful."
His face hardened again. "Because as easily as you could kill the Mogs, you could kill someone you love."
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