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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Oct 31, 2008

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Read in November, 2008

There were several concurrent storylines in this book. I counted seven. I think it goes without saying that if you haven’t read the first five, don’t you dare start here because nothing will make sense.

I’ve ordered the seven storylines from most to least prevalent, basing my decisions on how much time Ward spent on each of these issues:

1 - John Matthew was, by far and large, the main character of this novel. And by extension that covers his buddies, Qhuinn and Blaylock and also that little shit head Lash. This was definitely a keystone novel, in that I can see it acting as the connecting point between everything that has happened in the previous novels to whatever direction Ward decides to take the Brotherhood in the future. And while I do love ol’ John Matthew, was he the Lover Enshrined? No, he most certainly was not. I think I’d have liked to see this huge “future building” plot line spread out across some of the earlier novels rather than take the center stage in this >500 page tome.

2 – Phury’s drug addiction and Phury’s pet wizard had very little to do with Cormia and everything to do with Cormia, Phury’s lady-to-be. It definitely had to be addressed, because the internal conversations between Phury and that creepy wizard reminded me of being in the company of a schizophrenic and that had to go. However, I felt it detracted from the budding romance between Cormia and Phury and the logical part of me (which I should never invite to the vampire book-reading party but I always seem to forget until it is too late) was flipping out over how unwise and unlikely it would be that a drug addicted male vampire and a female vampire who is basically the equivalent of a sequestered Catholic nun would fall in love. It was too…too much.

3 - Lash going off on his own direction and joining up with—well, I won’t go there but suffice it to say, my WTF meter is still pinging way off the charts where he was involved. Seriously, WTF?!?

4 - The lessers are back. After disappearing entirely from the last book, they are back with a vengeance with the appointment of a new fore-lesser and some nasty lesser beatdowns. They really suck and I don’t like reading about them. Although the new direction Ward has taken them definitely appeals to me. It raised the bar for those lessers big time (which still isn't saying much).

5 – True Love + tEh SeX between Phury and Cormia was…wait, what? Since this was marketed as a paranormal romance and has the typical kissy-face couple in the throes of passion on the cover, I’d have expected more sexin’ between the MFEO couple, so that was a bit unexpected, but whatever.

6 - Rehvenge and the sympathy colony are…um, yeah. Rehv confuses me but I can’t wait for Ward to reveal his part in all this. He is one complex cookie.

7 - And lastly, what the hey happened to Tohrment anyway? I’m also quite baffled by this one and don’t know what to think, let alone say. So I think I’ll just keep my opinions to myself at this point and see what happens next.
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MelissaB I am still not quite sure how I feel about this book.

I see all of the problems - the multiple storylines that were just too much, the very sub-par romance between Phury and Cormia, the weird crap with Rhev's blackmailer and Phury's wizard.

But on the other hand, the story was very engrossing. It kept my attention and I enjoyed reading it. The BDB world is a fun place to be.

I read this one day when I was at the spa, so I just had a great time reading it while sipping champagne after my massage. I am sure that has an impact on how great it was to me, but I am still sticking with my 5 star rating.

I just read the BDB Insider's Guide. I wouldn't really recommend buying it, but it is worth checking out from the library for Z and Bella's story alone. I also enjoyed the preview from Lover Ahvenged, it sounds good.

Beth F. I plan to read the Insider’s Guide very soon. I had a gift card for Borders and decided to buy that book because the waiting list at the library was insanely long. Plus, I’ve heard that there was more Z+Bella in that one and I love them. So I could imagine myself re-skimming at later dates (which always justifies the purchase of books I can’t afford!)

Even though I only gave it 3 stars, I really enjoyed reading this book. At this point, I’d probably enjoy anything that was even remotely tied in to this series though. Talk about an addiction! It was hard to put down and I felt annoyed every time real life interrupted me from reading it and I had to put it down. Although I didn’t think it was the strongest or the best in the series, not even close. If I could give half stars, I might give this one a smidge more for the addiction factor alone.

You might be on to something though—sipping champagne after a massage while reading a book might possible be one of those to-die-for moments!

Kathrynn Very nicely done, Beth! This one rang my maximum toleration meter, several times.

Beth F. Thanks Kathrynn. I read your review the other day and thought YESSSS!

Wild horses couldn't keep me away from this series though. I'm a full-fledged junkie by this point.

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