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The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher
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A stand-alone dystopian novel?! Is it possible that I found one? Yes! And it wasn't completely centered on romance. And it was completely gripping. And it was just really, really awesome.

Vera was a great character. She wasn't stupidly brave but she also wasn't afraid to stand up for her friends and what she believed in. Coming from almost nothing, she wants to make the world a better place. Whenever she has the opportunity to do so, she immediately takes it. I loved reading about her and Will. I wasn't entirely sure where the book was going when it started and was afraid it would take a turn for the boring. But then the action started and the siblings started out on a strange, dangerous adventure that had me flipping the pages, wanting to know what might happen to them next.

Though there is a romantic interest in this story, it isn't the main focus at all. Relationships between the family and bonds between friends are more prevelantly explored, which I thought was a nice change. I liked seeing how everyone was handling this tough, harsh world and what might happen to everyone in it. And the two found unexpected allies along the way, which was equally awesome.

I really like the world building, even if it's a place I'd never wanted to live in. Vera comments on the extravagance of the past and it's odd having my reality be her fantasy when she can't even get enough to drink. They're all slowly dying and there's nothing that they can do about it, if they're not one of the few rich people who have their own private supplies.

I'd recommend this book to just about anyone. It was a quick and great read that I'll definitely keeping rereading. The characters were awesome, the plot just kept getting better, and the ending was fantastic.
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Quotes Kayla Liked

Cameron Stracher
“What happend to her? To Miranda?'

Ulysses shrugged. 'What happens to most children. She got sick, and never got better.'

'And your wife?'

'The same.'

'But you said you were married,' said Will, glancing down at Ulysses's ring, smooth and lustrous in the half-light.

'I'll always be married. But it'll be the next world when I see her again.”
Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars

Cameron Stracher
“You can't just fly into the Great Coat, shoot your way into Bluewater, and take Kai and his father,' I told him.

'Why not?'

'Cause you can't. They'll killl you, for one thing.'

Ulysses scratched his beard. 'Hmm. Need a better plan.”
Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars

Cameron Stracher
“Will knelt beside me. I wished I could have taken a holo of him at that moment and played it for him the next time he kicked me out of his room. He never would believe he was the same brother who had once tried to knock me out with a pillow.”
Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars

Cameron Stracher
“I tried to smile but feared I would cry. 'I always wondered what it was like to be shot.'

'Now you've lived to tell the tale.”
Cameron Stracher, The Water Wars
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