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Wilde's Army by Krystal Wade
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Jul 11, 2012

it was ok

Book two in the Darkness Falls series is just as disappointing as the first. There are no bad guys among the Draiochtans. If someone betray’s their people, it’s because they are really a Daemon shape shifter. If someone is selfish and leads their people astray it’s because they are under a spell. Its okay to have bad guys among those who should be good. It’s war, people are afraid, and greedy, they can redeem themselves later if at all.

The way Kate uses her magic is comical. She just tells the sprites what to do. Like a rich housewife instructing the maid. It would be better if things just appeared or where done, than us reading her instructions. Character’s die, but there is no connection to them. So even though they are supposed to major losses, there is no investment so as a reader I don’t really care. The story really could have been wrapped up in this book. A third installment of this story is so unnecessary.
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