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The Dex-Files by Karina Halle
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Jul 11, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from August 29 to 30, 2012

Oh Dex Dex Dex… you’re such a complex character.

It’s really difficult to understand how his mind works. When I start to think I’m understanding him, then he goes and does something totally unpredictable. And the only thing I can do is give credit to Karina for creating such an unpredictable and complex character. Although, Dex Files was good to understand a few things about him.
But there are two things that I’m dying to know about him, first what exactly happened with his brother and second who the hell is Max!? He plays a huge part in this and i just want to know what is it. The only thing I know is that I don’t believe in anything he says, I don’t trust the guy.

Well, back to Dex, Karina you wrote him so well, everything! How he thinks, how speaks… I didn’t know he is so sarcastic, even when he’s deep in sh&¨% he makes fun of the situation. Unbelievable! Lol
And the good think about him, is that he really know the big jerk he is. hahaha

“If you looked up “selfish” in the dictionary, it would be my picture there.”
Exaclty! He just goes there, take what he wants and fuck the consequences.

“If you look up “Biggest Douchebag on the Planet” in the dictionary, you’ll see my picture.”
I’m sure of it. Oh man when I read that scene in the asylum I felt so bad and sad that she had lied to him. But now, after I read his pov, I don’t feel bad at all. It’s mean to say this (maybe that’s because I’m a girl), but after so many times she was hurt by him, it was so good to see she intentionally hurting him too. I was so mad with him about his lies, I still don’t undertand why he lied to her about Jenn comments. Why he choose her?! She’s not the girl he loves, and Jen was hurting the girl he loves! Big jerk! Damm Dex!

“I had no idea how I was going to explain but I had to do something. The last thing I thought she’d do was actually leave me. I thought we’d fight then talk about it. Like we always did.”
That’s the problem about him, how much he thinks she can takes, after all he did to her? Seriously!? No matter if she loves him or not, you just not say those horrible things after having sex with a girl, especially the person you love.

Dex does such stupid things, that the fact that I still like the guy is beyond me. It’s a love and hate thing. Okay, okay! I admit is more about love, but UHG! Sometimes he does know how to get on my nerves.
So, I root for them to the death, but I hope she doesn’t make things easy on him. He deserves to suffer more. I know he did a lot his whole life, especially with his mother, but I think that’s the only way to make him realize what matters and what he wants in his life. Because if things are bad for them, it’s all his fault. There’s no one else to blame but him.
But I did love how he react when he was being arrested, when he was in jail and what he said to Max in the car. Love it!

Karina, another amazing job! It was great to get inside his head and learn more about him and understand a few things about him. But there’s still so many blank spaces left unsaid, so many mysteries… I guess we’ll still have to wait.

Oh my! October is still so far away!

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65.0% "Oh Dex! he's just stupid!
stupid stupid stupid! huh! this guy drives me mad! good God! how can I still like him is beyond me. Seriously?!"

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Carla OMG! I just need this book for yesterday!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

"He just goes there, take what he wants and fuck the consequences." Hahaha, I like him already :) Marked the first one as 'maybe-baby'. Thanks for the review, Carla. I've never heard of this series before.

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