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The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke
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Jul 11, 2012

really liked it

I was immediately captured by the cover of this book (ain't it lovely?) and its blurb, plus reading a bunch of positive reviews on a couple of blogs. So I decided to give it an honest opinion in exchange for a free copy, thanks to the author and publisher.
I have almost no complains regarding this wonderful work. I fell in love, head over heels, with this book. Ananna, the eldest daughter of a highly-ranked family, decides to run away from the arranged marriage that her parents forced on her. But now, she is alone, hungry, with no money, and she knows that the family of the boy she was supposed to marry, will send an Assassin to end her life.
Ananna tries to sell her dress, to get some money. But when the enters a dress shop, the owner, a beautiful woman offers to help Ananna. Although Ananna doesn't trust anyone, she doesn't want to die yet, But it looks like she is meant to die, as the magic stops working when she is face to face with the assassin.
By killing a snake, and saving Naji's life (the assassin), Ananna activates a curse on him. Now, whenever Ananna is in pain, or tries to run away, Naji will feel a tremendous amount of physical pain. None of them are happy with this, so they try to find a way to break this curse.
Ananna and Naji search the globe, visiting witches, fighting supernatural people from the Mists (a world above the Earth). As Ananna falls more and more in love with Naji, they try to find a way to break this impossible curse. But it indeed is an impossible curse, as it requires three impossible tasks in order to be broken.
Will Ananna and Naji end up safe and sound after all these fights? And will they find the cure to this curse? Find out much more when you read this book. An exhilarating, thought-provoking adventure.
I adored this book! The cover is very captivating, I loved how the spotlight is on the ship in the middle. The hues and the colors are just so beautiful. The blurb is captivating as well, and the characters are exceptional.
I loved how Cassandra Rose Clarke took a different turn from the beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous heroins. Ananna is smart, outspoken, but she is not very pretty. She is just a normal seventeen year old, you will instantly react to her emotions and connect with her, she is very lovable. Cassandra has created an amazing world, and her descriptions are all so detailed, I loved it!
Well, the book does not contain a lot of romance, I am guessing that Ms. Cassandra saved it for the sequel to this book. But I didn't mind the lack of the romance, because the book is very adventurous. The one thing I didn't like was how the book ended, when I read it, I thought that I didn't download the whole version. But after some googling, I realized that this was only the first book, and there more to come.
I'm still reeling and swaying over how much I adored this book! The Assassin's Curse is the adventure of a lifetime, told by a deeply intriguing, unique voice, and set in a world that you will wish to live in. It's definitely a must-read for every reader out there!

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