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Bad Boyfriend by K.A. Mitchell
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Jul 11, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: adult, family, fiction, glbt-lit, romance

To say that I actually skipped the first book, Bad Company, I think I was quite grateful for my decision or else, given those many negative comment for book one, I might decided to stay away from K.A. Mitchell's work. But really, thank god I skipped book one and read this one first, because only with Bad Boyfriend, I fall in love with Mitchell.

This story was about Quinn Maloney who woke up one day to the most dreaded news: his closeted boyfriend for ten fucking years was suddenly decided that he was straight and made a woman pregnant. Worse, he's going to marry her and dumped Quinn just like an after-used trash. And worst, when the baby's born, Quinn was to be her godfather. To proof that he was over and through his heartbroken state, he decided to come to the baptism ceremony with one hell of the twink that as gay as an unicorn named Elijah Wright. And who knows what could turn out from this fake boyfriend?

My first experience with her work, and I'm totally smitten. It's not because of the characters or the plot or anything else, it was solely because of the way she brought the story, her wording, and the way she described the emotional scenes. I'm a sucker for emotional writing style, and I got tingled all along the story, espescially THE SEX!!

I need to made a boasted plus point for the way Ms. Mitchell wrote sex scenes. It's unlike other m/m adult authors who wrote it in a hot and sexy way, which sometimes made me caught a fever when I had too much, Ms. Mitchell always described her sex scenes in such emotional way, with full of feelings in each paragraph. And eventhough the scenes are quite a load, I didn't even get bored and enjoyed reading every scenes. No, no skimming or skipping for this book.

All in all, if K.A. Mitchell always write this way in every book, I think I might read everything written by her.

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