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Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
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Jul 11, 2012

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Ever since I finished BEAUTIFUL DISASTER, almost two years ago, I´ve been looking forward to reading it thru Travis´s eyes. I was curious about a lot of things that we didn´t get answers to when Abby told the story. Like when Travis got the ring or what exactly he was doing during the break up (the christmas break.) And since I love angst I was hoping that this would have a lot more of that. Or maybe I should say that we should feel more of that. And I was right, sort of.

So it has been like two years since I´ve read Beautiful Disaster , so this was almost like a new book to me. Of course I remembered some parts, but not the conversations between Abby and Travis. And Jamie McGuire almost left out all of them, so some parts were pretty confusing. I guess she felt that she didn´t wanna repeat herself but I would have liked it if she did. A lot. With Travis´s thought and feelings after everything that was said. So that was a little disappointing, but not a huge deal. What was pretty huge was that Jamie didn´t even mention when Travis first met Abby. Big disappointment, but not the end of the world.

Being in Travis´s head was awsome. A thousend times better then being in Abby´s. But at first it felt like Jamie just told us what Travis thought, page after page. We didn´t get any emotions, and I misssed that. Luckily it got a lot better. Not 100% perfect, but much better. So yes, the book had its flaws, but I don´t care. I loved it.

The prolouge was fantastic, and one of my favorite parts of the book and it had me in tears. And I especially loved the parts when Travis was alone or when he was at home. I really like the Maddox family. Travis´s thoughts were so much fun to read about. He really is a walking disaster. Abby was kinda a bitch is his eyes and she really toyed with his feelings now and then, and those parts weren´t funny to read at all. But I can say this, if you liked Travis´s charachter in Beautiful Disaster, you will love him in this. If you didn´t, well, you´ll probably don´t like this book that much. Travis is kinda the same here. Don't expect some big character change or anything. .

“I stumbled into the living room, and Thomas handed me a bottle of whiskey. They all had some in a glass"You told them?" I asked Trenton, my voice broken.
Trenton nodded.
I collapsed to my knees, and my brothers surrounded me, placing their hands on my head and shoulders for support.

Oh, and I am probably alone in this but...the epilouge, um...not for me. It was okej but I could have done without it..

So, my verdict is that Jamie could have done a better job with this book and it wasn´t so good as I had hoped, but still good enough that I loved every page and it was definitly one of the best reads this year.

I´m sure I don´t have to tell you this should read Beautiful Disaster before Walking Disaster...
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Lucia I was hoping for this year publication too :( well good things come to those who wait, I really am looking forward to this book

Natalie Me too :) i think i am gonna like it better then beautiful disaster!

Lucia I have the same feeling :) especially after reading excerpt author posted on facebook recently

Natalie Yeah, and im dying to know when he get that ring!!

Natalie I really don't understand why people would like to read the prolouge to this already. (facebook) that's like a HUGE spoiler, for me anyway. just wait and read the whole book at once...)

Lucia I would prefer to see cover instead. I too like read book whole at once

Natalie Me 2 ...this id like seeing the first 5 minutes of a movie... I just don't get it...

Natalie Well, iyou can read it on facebook now :/ i REALLY wanna read it.....but i'm gonna be strong and wait a few months!!

Lucia I am not sure if I will read it or not, but I was surprised when author said on facebook tha WD will be more than just re-telling the BD. I am curious what scenes she will add

Lucia I am not strong, I just read the prologue ... and... I cried. Seriously. I just love Travis

Natalie You cried?! Was it sad?? Was it when his mum died or somerhing?

Lucia Natalie wrote: "You cried?! Was it sad?? Was it when his mum died or somerhing?"

Yes exactly when his mum died and it was very sad :(

Natalie I NEED to see the cover allready!!

Natalie The cover is abselutely gorgeous!

Lucia Natalie wrote: "The cover is abselutely gorgeous!"

Yes it is, but I liked the one for BD better

message 16: by Natalie (last edited Nov 08, 2012 03:08AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Natalie that was more "abby". I think travis needs something with more attitude....

Natalie btw, are you planning to buy the new hardback edition of beautifu disaster?

message 18: by Lucia (last edited Nov 08, 2012 03:24AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lucia Natalie wrote: "btw, are you planning to buy the new hardback edition of beautifu disaster?"

YES! I have already pre-ordered it from bookdepository :) cannot wait to have it. I have BD only on kindle so when I found out about signed edition I had to have it!

message 19: by Natalie (last edited Nov 08, 2012 03:36AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Natalie i ma thinking of getting it too, but from amazon. did you also get the fifty shades triology in hardback?? they are stunning too. if only thoughtless/effortless/reckless would be released in hardcover id be in heaven )

Lucia amazon has too high shipping to my country so i always get paperbacks or hardbacks from bookdepository. And I have fifty series in paperback by Arrow Books and it has velvety cover with projections. I personally cannot wait for Conversion series to be released in paperback so I can get them too!

message 21: by Natalie (last edited Nov 08, 2012 04:35AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Natalie i ordered my fifty hardbacks from bookdepository uk actually...the spipping from amazon to sweden is insane too, so i only get books from there, like once a year..

i love sc stephens, so i think i am gonna buy the conversion series too. i want everything from her in paperback...


Natalie have you guys seen the UK cover of WD??? I LOVE it, kinda similar to BD´s cover.

Lucia Natalie wrote: "have you guys seen the UK cover of WD??? I LOVE it, kinda similar to BD´s cover."

Yeah, I absolutely love it! I think UK is better, definitely want to have UK version on my self :)

Natalie I love it too, really nice :) but i do think the US cover suits Travis´s "attitude" better, or something, makes sence??

Christy LOVE Travis! great review :D

Natalie Thanks sweetie. He and Jude Ryder are my absolute favorite bad boys :)
(i'm not counting Kellan Kyle as a bad boy:)

Pinkcaramel Now, not only am I dying to read this, I'm so wishing Midnight Sun could go "full-fletch"!!!

Natalie too...*sigh*

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