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A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr
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Oct 30, 2008

it was amazing
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Almost four years ago, Ian Buchanan carried his friend and fellow soldier, under fire, to a medical transport helicopter. His heroism earned him the the highest honors from the US government but when he came home and saw Bobby's broken body, he believed he had selfishly sentenced him to a life trapped in a useless cage. He couldn't stand the guilt and left. Ian knew his friend had died that day in Fallujah, but he wouldn't leave his fallen brother behind. In his mind, he has not only sentenced Bobby to life as an invalid, he also destroyed the life of Bobby's young and vibrant wife. But Marcie Sullivan is incredibly grateful to Ian. Not only did her husband's best friend save his life, he enabled her to spend three more years with him before he finally passed on. Ian allowed her to have closure so often denied military widows and now, almost a year to the date of Bobby's death, she wants closure with Ian. She wants to know why her husband's best friend disappeared and she's determined to find him and let him know how much he meant to her and Bobby.

Just thinking about this book is making me teary eyed again. Get out your hanky because if you're anything like me, you're going to end up a sobbing wreck.

Marcie was the toughest little girl on the playground and as an adult, she's as tenacious as a bulldog. She fearlessly sets out on her mission to find Ian and she doesn't let things like no food and no gas money stop her. Her meandering search brings her to the town of Virgin River and lo and behold, she finds Ian. Only this mountainman looks nothing like the cleanshaven, handsome marine she remembers. This man is huge and scruffy plus a touch crazy. It appears Ian might have been isolated up in the mountains for too long because when he sees Marcie, he honest to God roars at her.

Make no mistake about it, Ian is a bum. Robyn Carr takes us out of the charmingly rustic, country elegance of Jack's Bar and drops us in hillbilly hell. Ian lives in a shack that doesn't have indoor plumbing and he hasn't had an actual shower in years. If he wants to hit the head during the winter he has to shovel his way through the snow to get to it. But not only does Robyn Carr make me forget all that, she makes me like it. She's woven another warm and cozy story and I loved every second of it. Ian is as trapped in his own pain as Bobby was trapped in his body and when Marcie bursts back into his world, I loved reading about how she slowly charmed him back to life. Most of A Virgin River Christmas is about Ian and Marcie, and the town of Virgin River and all of our favorite characters play only a small part. This begins during the middle of Whispering Rock and since all our favorite characters are busy during their own stories at the time, this leaves Ian and Marcie very much on their own. I actually appreciated that and I liked focusing on just one couple again and since Ian and Marcie were fun to be with, it was certainly not a hardship.

The humor in A Virgin River Christmas is still as fun as any previous book. This one will make you laugh and I suggest you enjoy it because this one will also make you cry like never before. I honestly wanted to grab onto any soldier I could find and just give them a hug and say, "thank you."

This story ends on a beautiful note. The happily ever after between Ian and Marcie still has a few rough roads ahead but I closed this book feeling better and happier than I did before reading it, so I highly recommend this as yet another must have book by Robyn Carr. A Virgin River Christmas will make you cry and and then make you laugh and will leave you with the knowledge and hope that everything will be all right again
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message 1: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Great review Holly! This series is SO popular here on GR - I'll need to pick it up one day to see what all the hoopla is about. =)

Holly I loved the first two books, Virgin River and Shelter Mountain, and this book to death. I'm kind of hit or miss with the latest books but they are still very popular. I've read one of her standalone historicals and I also liked it very much.

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