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Fatal Incision by WR. PARK
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Jul 10, 2012

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In 1888, Jack the Ripper murdered and mutilated five women in the Whitechapel area of London , then vanished into the annals of history. Since then, no killer has been the subject of so much interest. The case has never been solved but that has not stopped the speculation right up to the present. Dozens of suspects have been put forward including one of England's princes. The case has engendered hundreds of books both fiction and non-fiction and there is even a word for this fascination with Jack - Ripperology.

Fatal Incision is one of the newest additions to the lore. In this historical mystery novel, two British detectives, Jimmy Black and Matthew Ward, have been doing their own investigations of the murder. They are convinced they are the work of a British surgeon, Dr Joshua Croftington, who has been seen in the vicinity of every murder looking for a dark-haired, scarred woman named Joan. When they report their suspicions, they aren't taken seriously until similar murders start occurring in New York. Then they are loaned to the NYPD to help in the investigations there.

Although, by this time, Croftington has shortened his name to Croft, they are soon on his trail. As the bodies pile up, a cat-and-mouse game is played out between Jack, who is still seeking Joan, and the British detectives with their American partners. The search takes them into some of the most notorious bars in new York and even into the abandoned underground as the hunt for Jack heats up.

In Fatal Incision, Park gives a fresh new take on the old case and, even though, the murderer is never really in doubt, this is a fun romp. My one criticism would be the romance or should I say romances since both detectives quickly find wealthy beautiful love interests in the very short space of time they are in new York. This part of the story seemed forced and, at least for me, just slowed the story down.

Still, Fatal Incision is a nice addition to all of the Ripper lore and makes for some fun summer reading.
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