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Prodigy by Marie Lu
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Jul 10, 2012

it was amazing
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I really wasn’t sure what direction Marie Lu would take in Prodigy, but it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting to be punched in the gut at the end.

I really didn’t want to start by talking about the ending of this book, but it will not leave me! I had a feeling there had to be something HUGE coming when I was nearing the end, otherwise we probably could’ve wrapped up the series here. Not that everything is resolved, but there is some semblance of progress. I have a very bad feeling that there is no salvation for this particular turn of events. In fact, I’m resigning myself to the realization that my worst fear for this will come to pass. Am I going to hold out for a miracle? Well, of course! I WANT IT BADLY! But I can’t give my heart over to it, because it might kill me. WHY!?!? And that last page!!! I must confess, I cried in the end. That last page was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system... *shakes it off*

Prodigy moved at a pretty steady pace. Not once did I feel a lull in this book. It’s intense, edge-of-your-seat action and nail-biting suspense. It felt like everything was in their hands from the moment I cracked the book open.

I thought June had impressed me in Legend ...but that was nothing compared to how much I love that girl after reading Prodigy. While she was still her kick-ass self, in this book she was also so vulnerable. She still can’t express her feelings to Day, but you can see her trying. And maybe that’s why she’s so much better at sniffing out the BS than he is though. She lives by logic and intelligence, where Day is all passion and impulsivity. The question of whether they match very well comes up a few times. Are they perfect for one another? Probably not. But we can’t do much about it once our heart is set on someone.

That was actually one of my biggest frustrations with this story. Day. I love you, Day, but I wanted to slap some sense into you a few times during this book. His uncertainty was killing me!! There were moments with June where he really let me down. And don’t EVEN get me started about Tess. WTF?! Maybe I saw it coming from her...but, again, the uncertainty from Day?! DUDE! No. I was not cool about it. And this is actually funny to me because the synopsis makes it seem as if June might make a misstep. It doesn’t always have to be the girl who messes up, you know. Most of the time, it isn’t. Just sayin’! :P

I was really surprised by some of secondary characters in this book. I’ve already talked a little about how I wasn’t a huge fan of Tess in this book, but there’s one I LOATHED from Legend whose confession surprised me. I won’t give that one away. Then there’s Anden. I really liked him. I liked his personality and his ideals. I like that he’s a ruler who is strong but fair. He just needs a little help with the leading... Surprised by this? Yeah, I KNOW! So was I!

I don’t know how to wrap this up properly, but just know that this series is by far one of the best dystopians out there. And this sequel only elevated the series. No sophomore slump for Marie Lu. Nope!! You guys must read it. Meanwhile, I’ll just wait here with bated breathe until the release of the third book.
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