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Almost by Anne Eliot
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Jul 10, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Overall I liked this book...Gray was adorable!!!! I loved him! Jessica on the other hand annoyed the crap out of me. In the end, based on the other reviews I actually thought I would like this book more than I did.

I get Jessica went through something very traumatic - she was ALMOST raped. All in all, it didn't happen - she never actually got raped. She never thought she did. She's lucky it never happened, but I don't think she realizes this herself until the end. Again, very traumatic and scary but I feel like the entire book all she did was whine and didn't want anyone to feel bad for her, but didn't go out of her way to try to be normal. She just said she wanted to try and kept bringing that up. She was harping on it constantly. She kept throwing the fact that she had no friends out there too. It was like she didn't want anyone to feel bad for her but kept throwing it in their faces, especially Gray's.

The entire time I was actually curious about that night that she never got raped - what ever happened to the friend she snuck out to the party with? She clearly didn't just go alone? Who was it? Zero, absolutely zero backstory. She had to have had friends beforehand.

The entire book is the same little bit of her trying to remember what exactly happened that night and not until the end do you find out what actually happens. When she does remember, after all that, it was sort of like, wow, nothing really did happen, you didn't end up being raped, end of story. And if she was that drunk that she needed to get her stomach pumped I would think it's close to blacking out where it would be hard to recall any details - ever. Add being drugged on top of that and I don't get how she can't just be thankful nothing serious happened. Possibly I'm being insensitive but she just annoyed me SO much.

Gray on the other hand was completely cute, funny, sweet, etc. He made the book enjoyable. His reluctance to tell Jess about that night was so cute. His flirtyness was adorable. The letter he wrote to her melted my heart. It would have been even more scandalous or better if he actually did something that night was bad. Instead he really just prevented the rape from actually happening by barging in. Then, all he did was try to do the right thing by wanting to press charges, and be a witness to help Jessica out, etc. Something her parents never did. Anyway, I loved him, he made the entire book!

The book was entertaining and good. I loved it had that satisfying happy ending. And of course, I especially loved Gray, but the book in general harped on the same things a lot. I'd read it again even, just skim over the Jessica parts and swoon over Gray!

As a last note/thought, I have to admit, Jessica's innovative bumper stickers for her internship were pretty genius.
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