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Shadowrise by Tad Williams
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Jul 10, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended for: Lovers of fantasy. lovers of complete worlds. Lovers of exciting narrow escapes.
Read in July, 2012

Again, definitely a portion of a story, not a part of a series. Very exciting reading. If the author didn't hop from one sub-plot to another, it would be difficult to put down. I don't ever want to stop the episode I'm on until I find out what happens. But the next chaper/ portion of chapter goes on or back to another episode, so I can put it away to eat, sleep, work, whatever. I was once just as adament on the episode continuing, but not at the moment. However, he has to do this, to keep all the strands going at a pace to meet up at the end--hopefully. Briony, to save her players from prison, has admitted she is a princess and is a guest of King Enander of Syan--or at least a guest for his son Eneas, but a prisoner of his mistress/new wife--who is probably poisoning Enander as well. At least 2 attempts have been made on her life, but she escapes with the actors and continues travelling. Baarrick continues searching for Qul-na-Qar, the capitol of the fairy lands with the disgusting raven Skurn, getting into perhaps too many frightening situations. I actually do not see how all of them can be relevant, unless it is to make the reader experience the frustration he is feeling, especially since he is only doing it to honor the dead fairy Gyir Storm Lantern. The autrach, Sulepis, continues north with King Olin to Shadowmarch for some diabolical end that is unclear. Quinnitan, Daikonas Vo's prisoner, is forced to, follow so Vo can get rid of the parasite Sulepis has tricked him into swallowing, but she escapes the boat, having forced Pigeon to leave so he doesn't endanger them more, only to realize Vo is following her up the coast. Ferras Vansen, now with the funderlings, is planning how to defeat the fairy from their seige of Shadowmarch. Barrick loses Raymond Beck (some "minor" characters to come back to play more major roles) and Skurn falling through the gate of the city of Sleep and arrives at Qul-no-Qar to learn that the queen Saqui is dead, but can be revived through the sacrifice of King Ynnir's life, which can only be accomplished if he gives the gift of Fireflower to someone to carry on the summation of all the previous kings of Qat (Saqui carries on the female level). Since Barrick has fairy blood (that is the "madness" he has inherited from his father King Olin), and no one else is around, he is the only candidate. He does it to same Queen Saqui's life, but is overwhelmed with the memories of all the previous kings of the Qat. Not much of a story by itself, but a fascinating and exciting continuation of the previous 2 novels, and hopefully a great way to continue to the end.

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