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Hidden by Sophie Jordan
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Jul 10, 2012

HIDDEN, by Sophie Jordan, is the most anticipated final installment of the Firelight series. For me these books have been a series of ups and downs. The first book was just okay for me but because of the unique fantasy aspect so I kept reading. I absolutely LOVED the second book and started shipping Cassian at that point. With this one, it took me a while to figure out how to review this book without sounding negative, but personally I jumped back on the fence after reading it. Let me explain...

THE BAD (I like to end positively). I felt there was a lot of buildup in this series that didn't deliver. At the end of this book I was like, "huh?" Also, Jacinda was all over the place with her feelings. I understood her love for Will and bond with Cassian was confusing but when it came down to it, her not being able to choose drove me insane.

THE GOOD. The action! This book started off with insane action and I found myself speeding through the pages trying to figure out who would make it out of the compound alive. I liked the introduction of some new characters and the realization of some old ones that we hadn't explored fully in the past.

I don't want to ruin too much of the story so I will end it with this... I liked this series more for the draki aspect which I found fascinating. Jacinda's indecisiveness drove me crazy which took me out of the story more often then not. Fans of the series will get closure with this book, but personally it just wasn't to my liking.

Side note: I do have to say though that these books have the most beautiful covers!

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