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Needful Things by Stephen King
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Jul 09, 2012

really liked it

Going to shelve my instant adoration--okay let's call a duck a duck, fan-girling--for all things S.King and say the few things that detracted from what would be a 5 star King novel.
-If you were to highlight and cut every redundant scenario. (a new character meeting gaunt, a new prank being played and the prankster saying basically "this is wrong but oh well" in many more words you could halve the book.
-Some things that happened (I won't go into detail to avoid spoiling for people who haven't read yet) seemed slightly implausible and took away from the verisimilitude. In a book like this you kind of have to believe it COULD happen for it to be creepy at all.
-The ending got a little...okay you forced it out of me...super cheesy. Laughably cheesy, okay.
As others have said there are a lot of characters in play here, not so much a problem for me but then again my favorite novel is 100 yrs of solitude. But if you want to read it and understand it meticulously, a character chart is definitely the way to go.
Bottom line: I liked the book a lot. Would recommend to a patient reader with an affinity for King.

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