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The Pyramid Builders by Saxon Andrew
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Jul 09, 2012

it was amazing

"The Pyramid Builders: Lens of Time Series, Book 1", by Saxon Andrew, is a classic space opera... one of the best new ones I've read in a long time. This book had everything you could hope for in a Sci-Fi space opera during a time when global interest is on Pyramids, aliens and the end of Earth as we know it. There was virtual time travel - both forward and backward. There were super-duper faster-than-the-speed-of-light hyper-drive space ships. There were force fields. There were anti-gravity guns. There were laser beams capable of massive devastation, nuclear fusion reactor warheads, real-time communication across millions of light years, and virtually instantaneous "jumping" millions of light years across the universe. All the females characters were brilliant academically, and unsurpassed in physical beauty. They could out-fight any man in hand to hand combat, because they TAUGHT the military men how to fight. Then, there were aliens... all kinds of aliens. At least 4 different alien species with varying attitudes about what constitutes normal interpersonal relations. Earth finally learned how the pyramids were built. However, when they realized WHY the pyramids were built, they began to realize maybe they shouldn't just automatically trust all the aliens, or take them at their word. And just what did 4 different alien species want in our solar system, anyway? How did Earth end up with all the best technology, while the alien species who originally invented it hadn't advanced much... in some cases, for 65 million years they hadn't advanced in technology. How could that be? And one more thing... why DID they build the pyramids?

I have to say, if you haven't guessed by now, that I loved this book! This is one of those books I would happily start right over and read again, if not for the fact that Book 2 in the series is now out; it's called "Planet Predators", and I intend to grab it as quickly as I can, because it starts from where this one ended. I absolutely, positively recommend this book for everybody who ever even thought about reading a good Sci-Fi space opera. You'll look long and hard before you find a better one. Excellent work, Mr. Andrew! Thank you for writing this!

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