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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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Jul 09, 2012

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Many have said that "The Power of Six" by Pittacus Lore (ha) is "fast-paced," "action-packed," a whirling good ride and all of that. The book was fast-paced, I'll give you that. But it blew by so quickly in the need for some conflict resolution, rather than just:
A.) John whining over his love life

B.) John doing stupid things (go back to Paradise? What?) and

C.) Wanting to find out something real about the evil Mogadorians, rather than just go to a battle scene, know that John, Six (who I liked), and Sam (who I feel rather ambiguous towards) would kick butt.

I flew through this book. I enjoyed the action, I loved Six, and Marina's story was very interesting. Adeline's anger towards the Loric, her fear, and her hiding in the mountains seemed very realistic. Yes, it irritated me and I felt for Marina, but I felt for Adeline, too. She was simply frightened. She felt abandoned, and I don't blame her for her actions, deplorable as they were. In the end, she even made up for her mistakes. Kudos to our Spanish Loric.

However, with John, Six, and Sam, I quickly grew weary of the repetitive action. John whined a lot. About his love life. About the chest. About Henry. Six was great, and I truly feel for her, having to stick around with John. And Sam pulled through-I understand his feelings, that he wants to help even though he's only human-but I could definitely see other ways around getting to Paradise. They decide to venture back into Purgatory for a few clues, which though they admittedly need, could be found in a number of safer ways. And Sarah. SARAH. John and Sarah need to get a grip on their relationship. I even understand why Sarah called the FBI on John-what I don't understand is why he went back.

At times, the action was simply action. There was no plot. No foreshadowing. It was always point-blank "keep moving the Mogs are coming!"

I really enjoyed the first book. The second fell a little short. All I can say is that, if the rumors are true and there are six books in the making, you will not catch me finishing the series.

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