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Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs
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it was ok

This book made me want to kick someone in the squids. After reading Of Poseidon, which I rather enjoyed, I was hoping for more Syrena/mermaid success in Forgive My Fins. Sadly, my illusion bubble was popped.

What was most upsetting about this book was how this wasn't even a mermaid book. It was written in such a way that the story could have held its own without the alleged mermaid backbone. In fact, the only thing holding the book's claim as a fishy tale was Lily's constant use of sea jargon. This included such witticisms as "suck seaweed," "what the carp," and "jellyfish for brains." The girl can't stand to make one speech without including at least one facepalm-worthy allusion to the ocean or its scaly inhabitants.

Then there is the issue of the secret. While Lily logically tries to keep her identity as a mer creature hidden as long as possible, there comes that time when her secret needs to be revealed. As it so happens, every single person takes her words at face value.. meaning, they just believed her. Like that.

Imagine this conversation with one of your buddies.

"Hey man. Got something to tell you. So.. yeah, I'm a mermaid."

"Like, one of them half fish things that like breathe underwater and live in Atlantis?"

"Pretty much."


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Really? Not even the slightest skepticism or need for some legitimate proof? Well if that's the case, the next time I hear someone even mention salt water, sea shells, or crabs, I'm just going to assume they're one of Poseidon's descendants. NBD.

Though the main character is in her senior year of high school and princess of the sea world (not to be confused with SeaWorld©), her lack of maturity is quite appalling. Anytime Quince gets her panties in a bunch, she pounces at him with her claws at the ready. About half the book consists of her whining.. the same complaint each time, only to different people. In fact, she manages to inform every other character about her qualms with being an angsty teenager. Basically, this is a middle school level book slated towards a young adult audience. NOT COOL, TERA LYNN CHILDS. Don't you be insulting my intelligence like that.

I will be reading later installments in the series, because I still have that nagging desire to know more about Thalassinia. And honestly, there wasn't much description in this one, so it shouldn't be too hard to add some beef to this story.
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