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Vestige by Deb Hanrahan
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Jul 08, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: disappointing

Okay, I figured this would be some type of dystopian novel because of the description, but I guess I was wrong. I don't know if I missed something with this book, but I just couldn't get into it. There were multiple problems I had with this book.

First, there was the little problem of set up. When you have a 150 page book, I'm sorry, but 130 pages of it cannot be set up. The "action" in this book occurs in the last little bit of the book, and even that wasn't that great. Second, I couldn't stand the changing perspectives. It would be one thing if each chapter was written from a different perspective, but to do it after almost each paragraph? This is excessive, and unnecessary. Additionally, the problem was that there were so many different POV's that you had no clue who were reading. It took me almost the entire paragraph to figure it out, but by that time, it was too late because we were already on to another person. This next problem ties in with the set up part I guess, but my third problem was the fact that the priest (who's name I can't even recall because this book wasn't really that memorable) just up and believed the homeless man, Joe or Jon, but then kept saying, "I need to find the Savior, I need to find the Savior," but then does he ever find the Savior? Eventually, but only after thinking this thought about 5 different times througout the book! In fact, in one scene, the priest says he needs to find the boy (Michah), and then!!! If there is a matter of life or death, you do not just go to sleep, and solve the problem later the next day. You go find the solution to your problem. I also had problems with Micah's friends, but that is just a personal preference. I mean I guess you can't like all the characters. Lastly, I found this novel to be extremely predictable. I don't want to spoil anything, but just be prepared because if you are reading this book, and you think certain people are certain people, you are probably right.

Suffice to say, I will not be reading the next book. However, I think this book had a very interesting premise, but it was just not executed in the best way possible.
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