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The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands
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Jul 08, 2012

The Lady is a Vamp, numbered 17th in Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau/Rogue Hunter Series takes us on an adventure with Jeanne Louise Argeneau, Scientist! Jeanne Louise works at Argeneau Enterprises (where synthetic blood is produced for our immortals,) in the Research and Development Department working on genetic anomalies. After her shift one morning as she was driving away, she looked in her rearview mirror, saw someone in a balaclava, then felt the needle in her neck, then nothing until she woke up in chains.

Paul is a mortal scientist who also works at Argeneau Enterprises in the R & D Department, just in the section devoted to formulating tranquilizers strong enough to bring down the Rogue Immortals without killing them. He is also a desperate father trying to find a cure for his 5 year old daughter Livy. He will do ANYTHING to make sure she lives, even if it means living forever. It also includes kidnapping an Immortal and forcing her to cure his daughter who suffers from a cancerous brain tumor.

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message 1: by LouLou (new) - added it

LouLou You read Sands...oh (tears)

The Window Seat LOL!!! Actually, no. This is one that was read by one of my other reviewers! :) She read it and the review is ready to post and when we make a blog spot for a review, it goes onto my list. She read it, not me. And looking at a 22 book glom, with Kenyon, I am going to put off this 17 book glom for a while. Glomming is expensive stuff!! :)

The Window Seat Speaking of, dear.... When are you going to ask to join our reviewing madness?? :) I KNOW you write... Any interest? It means free books!!!!

message 4: by LouLou (new) - added it

LouLou Er Um...Can I join your reviewing madness???? (looking around in a ever so shy way) Seriously I would love to! Just give me the details and Im in!

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