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An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea Thalasinos
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Jul 08, 2012

it was ok
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Read from July 13 to 15, 2012

I won Echo Through the Snow in a Goodreads giveaway, and tried very, very hard to like this book. The book tries to weave two dog stories together. One is set modern day, the other tells of a Native tribe.
I love books with animal themes, so I thought this would be a sure win on top of a win! I've thought a lot about what threw this book out wack for me, and I know it has to do with the writing style. 3 things I want to say about the writing are:
1.Maybe I just don't appreciate/quite sync myself with--(sorry, I've just watched a Steve Jobs expose, and I'm thinking of ipods intermitently!)the writing style. You know, it happens sometimes. But my honest opinion of the book is 2 stars is generous. I struggled, and had to reread a lot of sentences....
2.Sentence fragements. And they get on my nerves. Like you know people chewing gum loudly do. But that's just me. They might not bother you. This book, it was existing to annoy me in that way. OKAAAY, so you probably thought that sentence was annoying. That's how I felt reading the book.
3.Corny puns.
Here's what I mean, illustrated by a paragraph early on: "She couldn't help thinking about Smokey. His sad, quiet face and the way his two canine teeth poked out from beneath his lip. She couldn't help it. Always remembering the names of dogs and not their owners..."
Though not quintesentially "your annoying, Ibprofun inducing paragraph, there are SO many sentences like this. It goes far beyond "mixing up the style," and gets into the series headache zone.
I would have rewritten it, She couldn't help thinking about Smokey's sad, quiet face. She always remembered the names of dogs and not their owners... but I'm not the author...
I also didn't, (to pun off some more Steve Jobs, and Apple,)SYNC myself with the characters. I couldn't really feel for Rosaline, even though I was supposed to. I think she really could have grabbed my sympathy with her screwed up life, and job failures, but I'm either heartless or I didn't care.
Third, and last complaint: For much of the book, the two sections just don't forge together.
I'm aware that this review is getting into the Ibrufon popping, too long category, so I'm going to shut my mouth and find some duct tape now. Either it was me, or the book,but we didn't get along terribly well. Maybe others will the book and it's syle better, but we're breaking up because we had our differences.

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