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Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington
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Jul 08, 2012

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Okay, this is the 3rd book already and it seems the 4th one will come out on September 2012 so 2 more months before I can read the next installment. And according to the author's website, she doesn't know if she will make this a part of 5 or 6 books or stick with the 4 book saga.

For my review on Emblaze, I still don't know if it arise because of the quality of the grammar etc or because of the writing style. It's so hard for me to actually finish this fast. I usually finish a book in one sitting but it took me 2 days for this one because I get bored so I wander around surfing the net then come back to the story again.

I find it hard to live in the head of Violet Eden. I think I would prefer to be inside Steph's head instead. Violet's head is just full of self pity, indecisiveness and I-love-him-so-much-but-we-can't drama that it gets infuriating at times.

I'm not hating on her but I hoped she matured throughout the 3 books because she had experienced a lot after being Grigori but it seems that she's stuck to being a regular love crazed teenager rebelling because her mom made her who she is and it resulted in a situation where she can't freely love the man she chose.

Anyway, hoping the next book is better and it gives a good story. This book is becoming predictable and boring.

Note: My fave character is Phoenix cos he has a well-rounded personality. You know that he is torn from what he wants and what he needed to do. And you can feel emotions from him. It was so nice seeing a glimpse of what he thinks and feel in this book :)

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