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Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas by Louise Rennison
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The movie 'Angus, Perfect Snogging and Thongs' made quite an impression on me. There were many recognizable, hilarious, crazy, deranged, embarrassing, sweet and realistic bits in it! After eyeing the book series for a while, I decided to give them a go. Though not as good as the movie, they were still a lot of fun.
Georgia in all her teen-ness, her sometimes dreary, awkward life, the way she thinks and acts... I was catapulted back into my teens straight away.

The characters and side-characters are very vivid and not flat at all. Georgia's little sister Libby is a blast, her mother's way of coping with men and her daughters, commented on by Georgia, is hilarious. Despite her flaws, sometimes not-that-funny-humor (wasted on women my age I suspect, though still recognizable, totally understood by teens!) and selfishness Georgia is lovable enough. She's real.

The plot is interesting enough, though some bits are a bit tedious. Then again, so is a real teen's life. The journal-like writing style helps envision all these things even better.

I have to say these books are really suited for girls Georgia's age, they were a bit too childish for me sometimes (you know, being 34 years old and all...). But they still captivated me enough to make wanna read on.

I think teen girls will definitely recognize themselves in these books, and teen boys will learn how crazy teen girls are. They will not learn WHY, because even teen girls themselves don't know WHY...

Right now I am seriously bummed I didn't buy the next installment!!!

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