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What Kills Me by Wynne Channing
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Jul 07, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** This book is about an ancient prophecy, claiming that a girl is destined to bring an end to the vampire race. The venue is in Italy, where Axelia happens to meet Paolo, who will change her life forever..

So there´s a teen girl. There´s vampires. You know. But! This is a lot more action packed a book than the vampire books I´ve read before! So it is quite different! There is a little bit of romance there, but that is not what the book revolves around. Maybe those two things are the reasons I did not immediately get into it, I need my books to have romance in them. I began the book with not that interested but later I really liked it! There were characters I would like to learn more about, and there´s definitely more to the story that what this book reveals! Now that I know what kind of a book it is, I think I will like it even more if I read it again.
I wish the character Lettie would have had a bigger part in the book, there was something about her that I liked.

ch 1-10
1: Ok Alexia=Zee, she's seventeen and in Italy. About to start University after her stay in Italy. She gets lost and is helped by a Paolo back to her friend's. I am so sorry but I don't like the name Paolo and gooe he us using as a fake name or something. Would be fine if it did not sound like the name used too many times before. What's up with me and character names lately??
2: I really like the short chapters and I hope they stay that way.
3: Ooh what an ending to a chapter!
4: a hooded figure, candles,bad Paolo, Zee.. And then she falls. Will Paolo get in time to stop her?
5: Lettie is an interesting addition to this story. I want to find out more about her role in all of this. And she died! Hmm.
6: The well was filled with vampire blood, she was born one without being bitten. In this vampire atry, vampires are rarely made, picked carefully by elders.
7: More vampires, oh goodie, maybe some action coming this way!
8: ok, so she's being taken to their empress. hmm.
9: ooh my, this is getting exciting! A tough empress!
10:ooh no. That was, ugh. but exciting. Really want to continue reading now!

ch 11-20
11: Oh no. Man with an axe next. She is just starting to discover her powers now.
12..hmm like medieval vampires..
13-16 so they knew she survived. And now it is just lucas and her. That should be interesting.
17-20 Ok so they have made it to the church and learned that the cleric has left. Lucas wants to find his sire, with the help of a friend.

ch 21-30
I have started getting excited again. Maybe this just wasn´t a good bus read but a read that has to has a little bit more concentration?Hmm well see.

Oh come on just go ahead and kiss her! Or is he afraid that she might accidentally hurt her if he did?

ch 31-37

6 chapters left, only. And no romance properly going on! That probably puts me off at times. But I am really liking it now. I´ll have to try and figure out why I was not that excited before. I wanted to finish today, but now am too tired, so tomorrow it´ll have to be.

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