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Torn by Stephanie Guerra
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Jul 07, 2012

really liked it
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(Many thanks to Marshall Cavendish for allowing me to view this through NetGalley!)

This is one of the books that I bet I can read over and over again without ever getting bored. The characters were so realistic for me. The story went on smoothly and I ended up liking it so much. Though I liked it so much, I just don't feel that the problem is that much "problem". I mean, alright, high school is really bitchy sometimes and in real life, that gets to be depressing. Having a friend who dates an older guy under not-so-good circumstances can be depressing too especially when you're trying to help that person realize what's real from ideal. I just felt like its impact on me is not that much. It didn't give me one of those "it hit me" moments. But still, I liked it a lot because of a lot of things.

First, I liked Ruby and Stella's friendship. At first, I was skeptical about the two of them. Really? They'll just hang out immediately and that's it? But as the story goes on, I felt their friendship. Seriously, what they had is a really good one. Though sometimes, Ruby scares me too when she did some things with Stella.

Second, I like Ruby and Stella apart. Stella is such an honest person. I like reading from her POV. I felt like I'm some kind of her confidante with everything going through her life. I like how she decided to hang-out with Ruby even though she already had friends especially when Ruby and Stella's friends are the extreme opposites. But I kept wishing she'd still save her friendship with Christine and Beth even though she's with Ruby. Though I guess that's kind of impossible in the first part. Ruby is one of those characters I truly love. Yes, she's frank and is kind of wild. But that's how she is. I guess we all have that kind of friend in some ways, you know. I just like how she says things at the right time. Though what she does sometimes is really crazy!

Third, I like Stella's family. Even though her dad is such a loser, her family still made it through. Her Mom's a really strong one and God-fearing also. I like it that way! I bet not all Moms would be able to do that. Even though Stella always think that Jackie and Marcus still can't take care of theirselves, I like the way they showed Stella that courage and determination on the commencement day. I also like how Jackie pull it off. Like she was some kind of an adult already when she was just what, 12 or 13?

Last but not the least, I liked how God is like in the center on every short coming they had. I'm a Catholic so I believe in God. I like how God's intervention shall be the answer to Stella's problem with Ruby. It makes me feel like Ruby will be really fine.

Likes aside, I dislike some things too. I dislike the high school girls. Goodness, can there be really that kind of people in the real world? I also dislike Mike in some ways, he's inconsistent for me. I also dislike Ruby's relationship with Kenneth. Don't get me wrong. I'm not being judgmental. I know some couples who have a really long age-gap. But Ruby's relationship with Kenneth does not really attract me in any way. And God knows, if I was Stella, I'd do what she did.

I really liked this story. I liked how it started and how it ended. Though I still have a few questions as to what happen to Kenneth, what happen to the bitchy high school girls, and what happen to Ruby and Stella after graduation? Well, I guess, I have to think that they'll make it through their new beginnings.

With a dynamic force of realistic problems, anyone can pretty much enjoy this teenage book. You'll dislike some characters but I'm sure that you'll enjoy the story as well as the lead's POV is really realistic. This is such an enjoyable and light read, I hope you read it too!

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