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The Woman Who Wasn't There by Robin Gaby Fisher
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Marie France Asselbergh no idea what this is about but sounds very intriguing!

Saxton B. Little Staff Marie France wrote: "no idea what this is about but sounds very intriguing!"

LOL - Was I that vague?

Spoiler Alert

It is a story about a woman who portrays herself as a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center. She says she was working and escaped and her husband(?) was working in the other tower and dies. It is a psychological portrait of a pathological liar and one of extreme betrayal to those who did lose loved ones or survived.

Marie France Asselbergh hehe, initially you did not say what it's about no :) But I was sufficiently intrigued to go and check for myself.

Quite the touchy subject, not sure I can even imagine but it might add up to a good read!

off topic: the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy was brought to my attention as quite the hype (which I totally missed :))

I've read quite a bit of online erotica / fanfiction and some of it is superb; I think it is quite the underrated subgenre. What's your take on these Shades?

Saxton B. Little Staff Off topic...Fifty shades
Shady lady here has not read the trilogy but it certainly is hot here! One of our staff members is reading them now and is interested enough to want to read them all. Her face is a bit blushing as she speaks of them. She feels they are written well enough and can't understand all the negativity.

I suspect I will jump in before the summer is out.

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