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Demonic by Ann Coulter
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Jul 06, 2012

did not like it

Here's what we can take away:

Democrats = Liberals = Leftists = Anarchists = Unthinking Mobs = Violence. Therefore, every mob ever is Liberal, and every act of violence on Coulter's list is therefore attributable to Liberalism. Every act of rebellion or revolution that turned out well was due to responsible, calm, clear-thinking, reasonable conservatives. In a stunning act of rhetoric Ann takes real, actual facts and assembles them into a picture of history where everything bad that happened, when you look at it, was actually done by Liberals, making room for Conservatives to do everything that has ever gone well for us. Here's a list of violent and disruptive people from the Left. Oh you think you have an example from the Right? It turns out they were INSANE, and also Liberal. She also reminds us that the French Revolution was an action of unruly, unthinking Liberals against the poor blameless victims in the aristocracy. I had never though of the French Revolution that way. Thanks, Ann! If you, like me, occasionally like to read books by people you hate, this book will remind you why that's a stupid idea.
Want some direct quotes? OK:
- "Conservatives don't cotton to slogans."
- "Republicans are baffled by mobs, opposed to disorder but paralyzed with indecision about what to do. Meanwhile, Democrats are hurling bricks from the barricades."
- "Christianity is never trendy, which is one reason Christians can never be a mob."
- "The mob mentality is irresistable to those with a desperate need to be popular, those who are perennially afraid of getting a bloody nose on the playground of life. This is why Conservatives can never be a mob."
- "Anyone who doesn't mind being sneered at by the daily show and other temples of the status-anxious is not susceptible to groupthink."
- "Politics for liberals is "our mass vs. their mass," but conservatives don't have a mass, liberals do."
- "Republicans are the Party of decorous order. Democrats are the party of noisy, violent mobs."
- "This nation's heroes knew what Louis XVI did not: A mob cannot be calmly reasoned with, it can only be smashed. When faced with a mob, civilized society's motto should be "overreact.""
These are her exact words, and this last one to me suggests that liberals should be smashed into submission.

The last portion of her books is explaining we people become Liberals in spite of how annoying and stupid they are. Here's a suggestion to those who are not Liberals and who somehow have never met one: Everything after "The key to understanding Liberals is…" is made up. Completely fabricated. She paints a picture of Liberalism that is completely unrecognizable. I think she's never actually met a Liberal in person, so don't take her word on what they're like.

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