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Sea Change by Karen   White
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Jul 06, 2012

it was amazing

Who am I? Where do I belong? Like an echo from the sea or a whisper in the walls of an ancient house, these questions form in the mind of Ava Whalen, a young woman questing for love and connections.

When Ava meets Matthew Frazier, a Savannah child psychologist, she immediately feels connected to him. Their marriage a short time later seems hasty and impulsive to those around them, but who can explain the bond they share?

After the marriage, the two move into an ancient house where Matthew grew up, and which somehow seems familiar to Ava. But also unfamiliar. Sharing the historic footprints of those ancestors like Pamela and Geoffrey Frazier, the house echoes with the longings of the ages.

When the secrets between them begin to unfold, however, will the bond that drew them together be enough?

The first big secret is Matthew's first wife Adrienne, a midwife like Ava. How did she die? And what was she seeking just before her death and how does it connect to the past?

What does the scent of ashes have to do with Ava's feeling of not quite belonging? How does her mother's aloofness reinforce that sense of not belonging?

How do passion flowers figure into the mysterious dreams and memories that cling to Ava and hint at things untold?

Searching via hypnosis, Ava begins to uncover some of the past events that seem to inform her life in the present.

Told in the narrative voices of Pamela, Ava, and Gloria, "Sea Change" mysteriously evokes the spiritual and physical connections between them all.

In the end, Ava's thoughts sum up the power of these connections wrought within the walls of a home:

"...the house with memories like an ocean's waves with no beginnings and no endings, its sighs reminding me of how impossible it is sometimes to distinguish between the two."

A beautiful and evocative portrayal of timeless connections, this story will remain with me for a long time. Five stars.

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