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Vampire by Ari Marmell
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Jul 05, 2012

really liked it
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This is a really cool setting and system, and I'm looking forward to running it soon. I like a lot of the changes from Masquerade that have been made to make the world of the Kindred more mysterious. The mythology of the Cainites was pretty cool, but it also felt like it could be hard to use as a Storyteller. This game gives me a much greater ability to decide what the world is like, and what secrets are and aren't true. I could still have a sense of impending doom and a fear of the return of powerful vampiric elders, or I can focus on smaller scale politics among Kindred who are sure that they have years and years of unlife left.

Going down to five clans works pretty well for me, especially since there are interesting rules on having specialized bloodlines for those who want more variety in their vampires. What I like even more is the new concept of covenants, which are special religious or political groups the Kindred can join. The pagan Circle of the Crone and mystical Ordo Dracul are particularly interesting to me, and I plan to check out their sourcebooks some time. The Disciplines generally do a good job of emulating vampire powers from fiction, though some of them feel a little underwhelming at times. For example, after you can turn into a wolf, having turning into mist be your ultimate power seems a little disappointing.

The setting as a whole is pretty cool, and a lot of thought has gone into the intricacies of vampire society. I really enjoyed reading all of the details of how vampire politics work and thinking of various plot ideas inspired by these details. The advice for Storytellers was really good, and I'm tempted to use the sample campaign idea they outline, of a revolution against a tyrannical Prince. I also enjoyed the description of New Orleans to an extent. It makes me want to get the book on that city, but I do feel like the brief description didn't do enough to give me an idea of how to actually use New Orleans in a chronicle. Further, I would have liked some details on how they took inspiration from the real world city to create the World of Darkness version.

Over all, though, I really enjoyed reading about this game. Years ago I had no idea why you'd want to roleplay as vampires, but now I understand that there are a lot of interesting opportunities and themes to explore here. I'm definitely looking forward to using these rules and setting.

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