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The Girl Born of Smoke by Jessica Billings
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Jul 05, 2012

it was ok

First off, the major problem I had is that I had no sense of when this was supposed to take place. From the scenery descriptions it seems like the houses and buildings are rudimentary and primarily made of dusty stone. The cities are just larger versions of the towns with similar buildings and a market day. The armies wear metal armor and fight with swords and there are no means of communication other than face to face. All of this leads me to believe that this story takes place in a time long ago when people didn't understand things like molecules and other science related items and explanations. I suppose you could write that off by saying, "well, the person explaining them is a wizard so maybe he knows more about that stuff than an average person" but I don't buy it. It just didn't seem to fit.

Second, I felt like this book had a lot of nothing happening in it. Tara walks a lot, joins up with the citizen's army, decides it's not for her, walks a lot, joins up with the wizard's army, decides that's also not for her, so she walks some more. (view spoiler) With the exception of the last 10% of the book, there was little or no action taking place and very little to make me really care about any of the characters in the book.

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