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Beauty and the Sheikh by Shelli Stevens
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Length: 3124
Story: GREAT
Enjoyment: GREAT
Intimacy Level: SWEET/ GOOD


5.5 stars

I enjoyed this story immensely. I felt in the mood for a sheikh romance when I came across this book and it delivered. The . 5 star added to my rating might seem a bit extra, but the story and its characters, brought me back to the moment I started reading romance novels from the harlequin presents and loveswept lines. The story in some ways seems basic and simple, but it has a feel like a bit of a throwback to many sheikh romances.

The story concept of sheikhs, damsels in distress and a bit of blackmail thrown in, as I've always stated, never gets old for me. Beauty and the Sheikh intertwines a bit of the Beauty and the Beast concept, which I've never read this sort of imitation with a sheikh. Holly went in search of the Sheikh, Rafiq, with whom she shares a history with. In a desperate attempt to save her brother, she asks Rafiq for his help. Of course, it comes with a price. The price, to be his mistress in ever sense of the word for three months.

As the story progressed, I became so involved and consumed with Rafiq and Holly's relationship, which was very rocky in the beginning. However, once the walls begins breaking down, it's apparent the chemistry and love these two characters share for each other. Most of all, it was the way the author was conveying the story to me that had me mesmerized by everything that was taking place. I almost wish the story was a series that I could read more. Nevertheless, if you are a sheikh fan and looking for something exciting, romantic with a bit of a domineering presence of a sheik, this is your book. (Not related) but now that I have read this book, if I could read about a vampire sheikh, which there are none, I would be a happy camper.

The only thing I would make a note on and that felt a bit incomplete to me without giving away too much, I think the author should have confronted the issue of Rafiq destroying Holly's career two years prior. I don't think she was aware it was Rafiq.
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message 1: by Tru (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tru This did feel like a throwback.

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