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Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer
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Jul 04, 2012

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The YA genre has had it's fair share of vampires, ghosts, angels, demons etc ... It's difficult to find something new and refreshing. When I saw that Dead Radiance was about Valkyries, I immediately signed up for the blog tour because I liked the sound of the book.

Bryn Halbrook sees golden auras around certain people. Up until her best friend, Josh, dies she doesn't realize that these auras mean that these people's deaths are approaching. Soon after, Aidan, a mysterious and gorgeous guy comes to live with her foster mom. When Aidan suddenly disappears, Bryn is taken away to a secret location known as Asgar, where she comes to the realization that she's the re-incarnation of a powerful Valkyrie.

I liked Bryn as a character. She started off as an insecure loner, but throughout the story she grew and became a lot more stronger. I thought that by the end of the book she had overcome all her previous obstacles regarding her personal self. I really like reading about characters maturing since it's always very enjoyable to develop a liking to characters gradually. I liked the fact that Bryn accepted the fact that she was a Valkyrie in a brave way and didn't act all panicked because she thought she was a freak. Although she came across a few issues, she actually embraced her new life. Moreover, she was the kind of character who was naturally inquisitive and tried to find answers to the countless questions she had all by herself. She didn't wait for everything to be revealed to her magically. Overall, I thought Bryn was a character who was easy to root for.

There was a serious case of instant-love in Dead Radiance and I honestly couldn't stand it. In a way, this very immediate love dampened by full enjoyment of the book. I didn't understand the attraction between Bryn and Aidan. To be honest, I felt like the barely spent time together and knew next to nothing about each other. If it had been mentioned as lust or attraction, I would have been able to forgive the book, but towards the middle of the book, Bryn called Aidan the man that she loved and that annoyed me infinitely because they never even had a proper conversation. All they had ever done was make out. I've never been a fan of instant romance, so there's no way I could have enjoyed it in this book.

What I loved most about Dead Radiance was the fantastic world-building. The author went to great lengths to explain and thoroughly describe her setting, so that the reader can feel that he/she is present along with the characters. T.G Ayer did her research and I was absolutely enthralled by the myths and legends in the book. I don't know much about Norse Mythology, but I did learn quite a bit from Dead Radiance. The Gods, the different creatures and the lifestyles fascinated me. According to me, the prologue was smashing since it really set the tone of the book, but I was slightly disappointed with the first quarter of the book. In my opinion, it was slow and quite dreary. As soon as Bryn found herself in Asgar, things got so much better. Along with Bryn, I loved discovering this new world that she had come to. From that point onward, the plot became a lot more tense and my interest was piqued even further. T.G Ayer is a fantastic author. She has a beautiful and very descriptive writing style that brings her words to life. Because of the way she wrote, it was easy to vividly picture the setting of the book. Furthermore, the book ended in a cliffhanger, so there's no doubt that I'll be checking out the next installment.

If you're looking for a unique and not yet explored theme in YA paranormal books then I suggest you read Dead Radiance since despite its slight flaws it ended up being a highly entertaining read!
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