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A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O'Reilly
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Oct 24, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: nonfiction
Recommended for: those who hate Bill, yet have never watched his show but blindly spew the mantra of the left
Read in October, 2008

What more could you ask for? It's easy to read and understand, funny, and will give you a perspective you may never have considered. For all those people who hate Bill O'Reilly, yet have never watched his show or read any of his books but blindly spew the mantra of the far left, please read this book! You may be surprised by the humble beginnings of that little hellion also known as Bill O'Reilly and the experiences that made him what he is by smacking him around. How would today's educators/policy makers refer to Bill and his cohorts? "At risk" is the phrase that comes to my mind, justifiably as two of Bill's good friends died young and many got mixed up in self destructive behavior. What made Bill different? Read this book and find out! I'll give you a hint--it has a lot to do with personal responsibility.
Because of the influence of the far left media, it is easy to dismiss Bill O'Reilly. Before you do that, realize that he does the best that he can to help the folks that don't have all the resources that he has. Bill has done his best to expose the people who have stopped Jessica's law because of his desire to protect children. For the same reason, he has come out against specific liberal judges who merely lecture those who sexually abuse children. He has lead the charge against illegal immigrants who are arrested for various crimes and released to harm more U.S. citizens. Bill has blasted members of Congress, such as Barney Frank, who have devastated our economy. On Bill's TV show, when he brings up a topic, he brings in 2 representatives of different view points. Watch The Factor and find out! I can hear some of you grumbling--stop grumbling and read this book and watch his show a few times objectively.
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Marnie Great review, it's great to see another O'Reilly fan! I just started this book & I'm enjoying it.

Lola I read his book and watched his show....I still don't think he's very objective on a lot of things. He has influence on many Americans and that shouldn't be taken lightly. But then again, I hate Olbermann show even more. I guess every side has their crazies.....

Lisa The Factor is definitely an opinion show--and Bill gives his opinion. I do not always agree with Bill, but I do not think he is crazy. Olbermann is unprofessional,which led to the loss of his show. A good opinion show which airs the opinions of many on the left is Morning Joe--which I am watching right now. People need to be able to listen to various opinions without being led like zombies; instead they need to weigh the value of the arguments and form their own opinion.

Lisa I have never heard Bill say,"If you don't support this cause, then you do not support America." I have no idea about Olbermann.
I believe there is a lot more than mudslinging going on, but you have to immerse yourself in the issues to understand what is happening. I guess that would go along with your argument that there aren't enough facts involved--you have to already have knowledge of the issues.
If you don't like Bill, don't watch him. His show is one of the most popular opinion on news shows ever.

deeyn Thank you for the review. I'm 28, non-American and I can't get enough of Bill O. Lols

Brodie The supposed humility in this book is terribly contrived and insulting. Something along the lines of 'I'm a rich successful guy, so what do I know? Obviously more than you because I started poor and regular, but tough and now I'm fighting for you, all the people from my past. You know because I'm such a nice guy, I'm not exploiting you at all.' I imagine it's not easy to do that job, you can't behave like a normal person and be on TV, not in that role. So he goes extreme and blasts normal people, picking fights and shouting down weak guests. But you can't blame him right? He's just saying what he believes? That is where I don't agree, you can blame him. A clearly egomaniacal, self-promoting and shameless TV personality associating himself with a set of beliefs and making money. If he is so righteous maybe he should get a real job, work to serve his community or even run for an office if he has so much to contribute. His show is whatever, people like it, this book as an attempt to humanize him, is laughable.

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