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My Life in Black and White by Natasha Friend
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Jul 03, 2012

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My Life in Black and White is a story all about finding who you are in the most dramatic way possible. Alexa used to have the perfect life. She was breathtakingly beautiful in all aspects, she had a sister she didn’t fight with much, a mom she bonded with constantly, a father who could fix anything, a best friend named Taylor she did everything with, a boyfriend - Ryan - who she loved and who loved her, and popularity. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Well, that is, until the night of a certain party when she walked in on her best friend giving her boyfriend a blowjob… talk about an awful party. In rage, Alexa stormed out of the house and hitched a ride from Taylor’s brother Jarrod. On the way home, Jarrod and Alexa get into a car crash, and Alexa’s head is shoved through a windshield. Now, everything that made Alexa’s world perfect is gone. Her face is totally screwed up from the accident and it will never be the same, so there goes her beauty, she lost her best friend and boyfriend when she found them together, her sister is becoming more and more active in her life - and maybe not in a good way, her parents are becoming more distant, and her popularity was gone the minute she had to get a piece of skin from her butt stuck onto her face. My Life in Black and White focuses on finding who you truly are and finding out who cares for you most, even without the prettiest face or the best social status. Alexa has lost everything, and she wants to gain it back.

All in all, My Life in Black and White was a very touching and believable story that really makes you think about what would happen if the things and people that made you you suddenly just disappeared. Friend has a very modern style of writing, which would be okay had she not tried so hard. Trying to relate to teenagers nowadays through writing is a very difficult thing to do, so it’s easy to understand why Friend didn’t necessarily do well in that aspect. Some parts of the novel were repetitive and worded oddly, but thankfully that doesn’t take away from the beautiful story of finding yourself that Friend tells. Similarly, a few details in the book were very, very coincidental, a little bit too coincidental, but sometimes life is quite coincidental, and you have to keep thinking that while reading this novel or else you may not enjoy it as much as I did.

Overall rating: 7/10

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