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The English Major by Jim Harrison
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Oct 23, 2008

really liked it

Harrison is like Garrison Keiler, a voice I treasure. Even when he is distressed, there's a warmth and deepness that soothes. Because he writes from a spirit that is pure and heartful. He always draws attention to the small details that we can so easily pass over in life, yet hold all the meaning for our spirit. This is a simple book, an easy read, not much of a plot, and not his greatest, but all in all I still really liked it.
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Rachael I'm new to him--what's his greatest two books, would you say?

Lori My personal favorites are Dalva and The Road Home. You need to read Dalva first and The Road Home is a continuation of the characters.

Deanna Against Censorship Not a fan of Keiler so will probably pass on this one (also because of Dana Stabenow's review above). Thanks for helping me decide.

Paul I have to disagree with Lori's comment that Harrison is like Garrison Keillor. Harrison is MUCH funnier and original than the radio host, no where near as corny. Harrison constantly amuses with descriptions of drinking and sex, among other things which would offend some people. The only thing offensive about Keillor is his awful radio voice. Harrison is FUNNY-Keillor is NOT.

Lori Yes I agree - I meant Keillors actual voice which you have to admit is so lovely and inviting even if you don't care for the substance.

Lori Woops you did mean his physical voice!

Paul Yes, I was mainly referring to Keillor's corny subject matter on his radio shows, but I have to admit I can't really stand his actual physical voice either-it's funny because I've occasionally heard him come on the radio to give a brief talk about famous authors born on this day, which normally I would be interested in, but I always have to turn it off immediately because the sound of his voice just grates on my ears. (No offense meant to you however-voices are like food-what tastes good to one person will not to another. Ha-Ha!)

Lori :)

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