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Private Dicks by Katie Allen
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Jul 03, 2012

it was ok
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Private Dicks by Katie Allen
Book Blurb: Ex-cop Isaac Rhodes is a tough and intimidating private investigator with a talent for kicking in doors and knocking bail jumpers' heads together. His only soft spot is for his partner, Nate Washington-though Wash makes him anything but soft. He's silently lusted after Wash for a year, until his desire drives him to finally come out to his partner. This confession leads to Wash admitting a few secrets of his own, unleashing needs that result in hot, sweaty, sexy, man-on-man intimacy. Rhodes is elated...until Wash admits he's unsure if he's willing to endure the often prejudice-filled life of an outed gay man. Crushed, Rhodes backs off. But one missing child case-and a gun to Wash's head-convinces Rhodes to do whatever it takes to get his man.

I really don’t feel comfortable writing a negative review. I admire people who write and are brave and lucky enough to have it published. Private Dicks by Katie Allen was recommended and after seeing so many positive reviews I decided to read it.

I have just discovered m/m genre and have so far read a few amazing books but somehow this book did nothing for me. The storyline was promising but halfway through the book I lost interest. Something was missing for me…..

I thought it was a romance/thriller but I just couldn’t see the romance part…yes the sex parts were there…in fact I found myself skipping many of those scenes and at times became really irritated when the two p.i’s are busy working, they suddenly pull their clothes off and start doing, all heaving and heavy breathing….and I wondered what this sex scene had to do with the story. It really annoyed me. Plus the sex scenes were really not my thing….more hard pumping, swearing, sweating…where is the romance here I said. I could not connect with Rhodes & Wash – some things were just a bit OTT…I mean, Wash, supposedly a alpha male, who is totally into women and has worked with his partner, Rhodes, who is gay and has had a crush on Wash for a long time…..however he hides the gay and love part so well that Wash is STUNNED when Rhodes finally comes out. He can’t believe it!!!!

The dialogue is pretty good and funny at times…
“You're gay," wash stated.
Rhodes nodded, a short jerk of his head, dropping his gaze to his beer.
"As in, you-like-men gay."
Still eying his beer, Rhodes gave an affirmative shrug.
"As in, you like-to-fuck-men gay."

What does this guy do that he can hide something like that SO WELL and for so long????? And then, suddenly Wash realizes that he’s actually gay..or maybe bi?? No, he goes totally off women and it’s just Rhodie…these two alpha males go from macho to limp in a matter of minutes!!!!!!!!!! Every second is spent doing each other….and geez for a straight man, Wash certainly learns quickly how to do it with a man!!!!!!! I would have liked to see their relationship going slowly as they get to know each other…Instead, voila…..!!!!

And the whole Rhodie & Trevor thing!!!!!!! Just didn’t interest me…the sexual connection seemed forced in some way….what did it have to do with the whole story I thought to myself???

I did like the author’s writing style and some of the scenes were pretty fun. It’s not a terrible story, just never got me into it. I did struggle to finish the book but I am going to read the next book in the series Hide Out.
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