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The Danger That Is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones
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Jul 02, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal

Lisa Renee Jones continues her action-packed Zodius series with another sexy hero who falls for a woman who is out to kill him and all like him. What a way to start a story. This series just gets better and better with each book. So come along for the ride!

Lara is one of the first of her kind – a female GTECH. She can hold her own with her male counterparts, and that’s a good thing, since she’s been sent to terminate as many as possible. The Renegades killed her family and she’s seeking revenge. General Powell has welcomed her into his fold to allow her to rid the world of these evil bastards. What she doesn’t know is that Powell is still the bad guy, his goal of ruling the world still his main aim.

The Renegades are working to keep both Zodius and General Powell at bay. They never know which enemy will rear its head to try once again to squash their efforts to bring peace and tranquility to the world once again. Finding out Lara is a GTECH, Damion assumes she’s under Adam’s control, since that out-of-control maniac has been hot under the Renegades’ collar recently. And Lara doesn’t disabuse him of his assumption. Damion is immediately drawn to her, despite the fact she’s trying her best to off him. What I love about this hero is besides his seriousness in doing his job, he knows how to tease and smile. Taking Lara to Sunrise City may not be the smartest move, without knowing more about her, but to keep her in his sights and out of danger, that’s all he can do.

It’s there that Lara begins to have to flashes of memory of a past she can’t otherwise remember. The more the Renegade team works with her, the more she discovers how she’s been mislead. She also discovers her weakness for Damion. These two are explosive together. Whether it’s strategizing their next moves or making love, you wait for the bomb to go off and see what’s left after the haze clears. They’re both very intense and stubborn individuals, both strong physically and mentally, and are perfect for each other. Lara has to come to grips with the damage done to her, knowing she has to go back to the enemy to bring them down – something Damion is against. The battle of wills continues!

The side story of those in charge of the GTECH serum and the badass bitch who’s after Lara is interesting, fraught with lust and betrayal, along with a few twists and turns to keep you guessing and the story moving along at a quick pace. We catch up with characters from previous books, all working together to help Lara find herself again. I’m also quite interested in Dorian’s story. I’m so curious what’s eventually going to be done with this very unique character. As well, I like that Ms. Jones alternates villains as we get to new heroes and heroines with each book. It keeps the story arc fresh.

While the series got off to a slightly rocky start for me, it’s now become one I’m anticipating to see what happens next. We know that good will triumph over evil, but these stories make the characters work for that victory. All with a little contentiousness and love and romance along the way.

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