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Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London
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Jul 02, 2012

it was ok
Read from July 02 to 04, 2012

1.5 stars - spoilers

Seventeen year old Dawn Montgomery lives in the city of Denver surrounded by walls. The walls were built to keep vampires out after a 30 year war between humans and vampires devastated both sides. A treaty was forged between the two - in exchange for vampires not attacking the human, humans donated blood. After her parents death, Dawn is chosen to be the delegate between the city of Denver and the vampire, Lord Valentine. Hijinks ensues.

-I found most of the book to be largely unoriginal and predictable. A lot of the worldbuilding reminded me of the world in The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, only not quite as bleak and depressing.

-I couldn't get past the ridiculousness of having a 17 year old for a delegate between humans and vampires. Even though she was requested by Lord Valentine to act as delegate..it was still hard to swallow. It's like the prime minister sending a teenager to the Middle East for peace talks - it's just plain absurd.

-The secondary chracters were typical for YA. There's the token shallow, boy crazy, loud best friend that's just lazily added in to make the heroine seem profound and deep. There's the mandatory mean girl who of course is described as slutty and bitchy.
All the female characters apart from the heroine and her guardian are described in unflaterring and unattractive ways -they pout, stomp and whine and are bitchy, unemotional and cold. There obviously can't be a female character that's actually decent - otherwise it'd make the heroine seem even more underwhelming than she already is.

-There's a scene where Dawn has to randomly wear Victorian style clothes and act like a Victorian lady when she's meeting Lord Valentine..why? Just because Lord Valentine likes the Victorian era..WTF? The author wanted the gravitas and romanticism of the Victorian times but couldn't even give a good enough reason for infusing Victorian-esque customs into the story.

-It's disgusting that a 400 yr old vampire (Victor) gets all hot and bothered over a 17yr old girl. I mean seriously the girl still likes playing on swings. I guess it's supposed to be 'hawt' that he's so old but it's not it's just creepy and paedophilic. Just because he's attractive and looks young, doesn't make it any less creepy. He hangs around her bedroom uninvited, gives her presents and follows her. The poor girl didn't really have a chance when she was being groomed by a 400 year old.
Victor says he'd never met anyone like Dawn before..really? So in the 400yrs he's lived he's never come across another unremarkable girl who hates vampires..yea right. I don't believe him, I think it's just a line he uses every few years on naive, virginal young girls so he can get in their knickers - the dirty perv.
I was confused as to why Dawn felt so betrayed by Victor not revealing he was vampire straight away. He didn't owe her the truth, they weren't friends, they knew each other all of a couple of hours - he was hardly going to tell her his life story.

-Michael, Dawn's boyfriend started of great but he soon turns into a douche so that Victor can look like Mr Right. Michael starts of being protective, sweet and understanding but then he becomes unreasonable and sulky. Michael's change in character conveniantly happens just when Dawn starts falling for Victor - it's the authors clumsy way of saying: 'Look, look Michael doesn't understand Dawn, he's not suitable for her but ooh looky who is the old pervy vamp'. Yes, everyone gets it Old Perv and Dawn are meant to be.
I actually don't blame Dawn for kissing Old Perv after Michael suddenly turned into a jerk. I don't get why Michael was pissed at Dawn just for wanting to stay safe inside the walls especially after her parents were so recently killed. I thought it was pretty low of Michael to punish Dawn by flirting with the mean girl that hates her all because she didn't want to risk her life by going on an adventure outside the wall.
I was pissed that Old Perv kissed Dawn and told her how much he cares about her and how he wants her, only for him to turn around a few hours later and say that they can't be together. Why the hell did he even tell her all that in the first place?? why mess her around?? why give her hope?? He really is a douche.

-I despised when Dawn compared Michael's reluctance to donate blood to Vicor's willingness to procure blood for vampires..are you kidding me - seriously?! Of course Victor would be willing to get blood for vampires since he's a freaking vampire himself! And of course Michael wouldn't want to give blood since he hates vampires. And she can't really blame him for that since she herself hated vampires up until Victor started grooming her. Naturally the dumb cow thinks that because Michael was hesistant in donating blood that Victor is now a better person than Michael - that he's compassionate and brave and that Michael is no longer as good as she thought..ugh.

-I found it laughable that Dawn felt safer with a vampire she's known for a few days over the boyfriend she's known all her life - the boyfriend who's always protected her and who's trained in fighting vampires. The girl is truly mental.

- Dawn at one point thinks that vampires need human blood more than humans do. WTF?! If humans didn't have blood they would die! Humans need blood to survive just as much as if not more than vampires..she's truly a dolt and a half.

-After all the talk that Lord Valentine was unbeatable and uber-strong, the fight between him and Victor ended up being far too quick and easy. For a vampire that was supposed to be intelligent, all powerful and ruthless he sure gets killed easily.

-I hated that Dawn killed her brother at the end just to save Old Perv who she only knew for a few weeks. Her brother protected her and never hurt any humans yet she was quick to kill him - she could have at least tried to find some way to help him.

-No doubt in future books Dawn will find out she's a speshul snowflake, Victor will be hot and cold with her, she'll string along Michael, for some unknown reason everyone will call her brave, she'll have to fight off both vampires and humans who want her for nefarious reasons, she'll whine, bitch and moan, she'll dump Michael, she'll give her virginity to Old Perv, Michael will either become evil or he'll die and Dawn will be upset for all of 5 minutes, she'll become some sort of a super vampire, she'll save the world and she'll ride of into the sunset with Old Perv.
Now what I want to happen is for Old Perv to use Dawn, for Dawn to then realise that she's been played, then for Michael to dump Dawn and date the mean girl, then Dawn goes crazy and starts indiscriminately killing vampires, then she's turned into a vampire when she's in the middle of a fight, then she challenges Victor to a fight to the death, Dawn loses and dies, then wait for it Victor starts preying on a new teenage girl and then fade out..aw yea, now that's a book I'd love to read.
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message 1: by Becky (new)

Becky Wow, this sounds like a million other books already out there. I have no idea why people insist on writing the SAME THING over and over.

Ferdy Becky wrote: "Wow, this sounds like a million other books already out there. I have no idea why people insist on writing the SAME THING over and over."

Beause they're too lazy and have little talent of their own. Even if they do write recycled rubbish they could at least try and make things less predictable and cliched. Alas, they can't be bothered.

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily Hilarious review probably more enjoyable than the book and more original.

Ferdy Emily wrote: "Hilarious review probably more enjoyable than the book and more original."

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)

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