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Murder Can Crash Your Party by Selma Eichler
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Jul 02, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

Desiree Shapiro, P.I., is on her way to a mystery writers' convention and she is a bundle of nerves. It seems that Desiree is our guest speaker. After arriving there and getting settled in Desiree has a little drink to be sociable. That one little drink was all it took to calm her down and relax her enough to give an A+ speech. She was a huge success and entertained questions that followed.

Later before returning home Desiree is awaiting breakfast when two strangers (Belle & Gary)ask to join her at the table. Desiree looks around and observes many other available tables for these people, so her curiousity is aroused. Then Belle (with Gary her secretary) offers Desiree a proposition. Belle (a romance novelist) has a mystery manuscript she wants solved and for a steep price that will be awarded when Desiree hands in her results.
At first Desiree is completely thrown off by this unusual propostion but agrees and accepts the manuscript. Belle informs Desiree that there will be 3 clues that will be presented to her at strategic intervals.

And so Desiree returns home to her apartment and begins reading this manuscript. [Tess is throwing a surprise 60th birthday party for her husband Rob. Long time friends are there to celebrate and before they begin their dinner...a murder occurs. The investigation begins while Desiree reads of the Lt & Ray interviewing possible suspects.]

Desiree's life continues outside the reading of the manuscript. Ellen (Desiree's favorite and only niece) and Mike (Ellen's significant other) are there for family dinners. Jackie (Desiree's secretary aka boss murphy) is there for Desiree even when she's not needed. All of these usual set of characters offer encouragement as Desiree brings them up to date with how the manuscript is coming along and if she's getting any closer to solving this mystery.

Then Desiree goes out to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants with one of her favorite waiters...Felix. Felix is not his usual cheerful self, in fact he's ready to serve Desiree a completely different meal then the one he's been serving her since day one. Felix asks Desiree if she knows of a P.I. Thrilled to learn that she is a P.I., Felix reveals that he believes his wife of many, many years many be cheating on him. Now Felix is in his 80's and his wife is not that far behind in age, but Desiree wants to put Felix's mind at east so she gladly takes this case.

(meanwhile back at the ranch)Nick and Desiree have taken their relationship to a higher level. Both moving closer together at a steady pace...that is as long as TKFH is out of the picture. How will this dilemna be solved or can they even continue in their relationship?

This was THE BEST DESIREE SHAPIRO BOOK EVER. It was more than a fantastic cozy...so much more. I did not know who done it until the very end. A Desiree Shapiro ending like no other. The author went beyond the pale and then some.

AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ for all cozy lovers and Desiree Shapiro addicts (of which I'm one).

Bravo author.

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