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If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
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I need to get my shit together , its late and I'm gonna get me some sleep , If possible

EDIT : 08/26/2012

Cue * Nine Inch Nails - Me I'm not *


Sara McMillan is a boring high school English teacher . That is , until she finds the journal of Rebecca Mason . Life takes an unexpecting turn for Sarah , when she decides to find out , Who and where the hell is Rebecca Mason ??? You see , Rebecca's journal is no ordinary 'I got up today , went out , had fun , worked , ate , came back home and slept ' journal . Its her account of a time spent with a man who promises her pleasure through pain .

Rebecca's journal becomes Sarah's choice of poison as she starts seeing things from her point of view and starts living her life by walking in her shoes .. not literally people by getting a job in the same art gallery where Rebecca used to or still works. Its here where the book starts going through this unforeseen twists and turns that are enough to keep you turning the pages and gobbling it all up till you reach the very end .

This book finds its base in San Francisco , amongst the rich and highly famous . Art , wine , fun and everything nice easily available to those who need it .


Saran McMillan : Sarah , like I mentioned earlier , is a school teacher who has given up on her dreams just to get her bills paid .. her words , not mine . Sarah as a character is someone who you could easily associalte with . She has dreams , aspirations to become something in the field of her interest , ART . An interest or passion that she had to give up on when life hit her hard and bad . On the surface she at most of the time appears to be someone calm , but in reality she is all but a whirlwind of emotions . She masks her fulfillement of dreams behind the 'I need to know what happened to Rebecca Mason' facade . Dont get me wrong , its not she's the bad guy here , but she's clever . She has an undying curiousity that makes her the target of all things dark and dangerous . Her thoughts merged with Rebecca's journal definitely had me thinking that I'm the one going through all stuffs happening in this book .

Chris Merit :

Ah yes , the famously infamous Chris Merit , painter/artist extraordinaire . Dark , edgy , dangerous , conflicting , scrumptiously sexy , tattooed , hot , alpha-ish , funny , complicated Chris had me drolling for the the most part . Oh lord , the things I'd do to this man if I ever find him

* Ahem ahem * ... moving on

The man is just too hot to handle yet too broken and damaged . A man who believes its important for one to control over things in life , yet enjoys every moment . A man who lives to break rules , a smart ass with a smart mouth and fingers * le sigh * So in love with him , I'd marry him and have his babies

Mark Compton :

Ugggh , say what you will but I dont like him at all .. Owner and manager of the art gallery where Rebecca and now Sarah work . He may be sexy as hell or whateva but he seems like a guy too full of himself . Sexy , commanding , dressed to kill , bossy , raw and everything carnal this man is what woman and girls should stay away from . Atleast I would or maybe not


Boy oh boy , the sex in this book is definitely off the charts hot and steamy . I mean c'mon with a guy like Chris Merit in da house what did you expect !!! Sarah , Chris and their insanely hot sex-to-survive routine had me going gaga over them .

This book is an excellent combination of hot and heavy romance , sexy characters and a mystery deeper than the depths of the ocean . No one is who they seem and everyone's keeping secrets they dare not talk about . With a cliffhanger enough to make you go insane , this one's a must read for me .

Highly Intense , Highly mysterious and awesomely sexy , If I were you is definitely the next 'IT' book that will leave you panting for more !!!!

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Lisa Renee Jones
“Taking you to the shower. Me Tarzan, You Jane. Do as I say.”
Lisa Renee Jones, If I Were You

Lisa Renee Jones
“I'm going to lick you all over before this night is over, Sara, ... Suck your nipples until you are crazy with need, then spread you wide and lick you until you come and then, I'm going to do it all over again. I'm going to make sure you are so thoroughly fucked that being fucked has a new meaning.”
Lisa Renee Jones, If I Were You

Lisa Renee Jones
“I can feel this man in every part of my body and he has not even touched me.”
Lisa Renee Jones, If I Were You

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message 1: by Hina (new) - added it

Hina Summary sounds interesting, let me know how it turns out. LOL.

Fathima Will do girl !!! Its awesome so far :)

message 3: by Tanvi (new) - added it

Tanvi guess it'll be better fr me to not to loose my sleep fr some time.

Fathima LOL ! Girl , this book is dope . Once you start reading it , you cant stop till you reach the end . And the end is such a bomb ! It leaves you with a gasp and a shudder :(

message 5: by Ana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ana Awesome review Fathima!!!

message 6: by Fathima (last edited Aug 26, 2012 06:39AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fathima Thanks Ana !!!! Quick Q : Chris Merit or Mark Compton , who is hotter ??

message 7: by Ana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ana Chris !!! Absolutely :))

Fathima Definitely yes !!!! :)

message 9: by Tanvi (new) - added it

Tanvi guess i now need to start up with book soon.

message 10: by Tanvi (new) - added it

Tanvi btw loved the review ;)

Fathima Tanvi , thank you doll !! And yes , you HAVE to read it like NOW-ISH !! LOL

Denise I love how you put in the videos. I hate the cliff hanger. But it was a awesome book

Fathima Thanks Denise ! It definitely was an awesome book . I hated the cliff hanger too , cant wait to read the next book :)

message 14: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Rose Blodgett This is so funny ( comments by Fathima Amiruddin) :)

Fathima Awwww thanks Tamara !!! :D

Deshone Hollis I LOVE THIS REVIEW!!! I was dying laughing most people who have these crazy pictures don't put there review together with it so nicely. You made it a fun awesome review. Am Starting this book right now.

Fathima Hey Deshone , thanks !!!!! :D Glad you liked it ! Ohhhh , I hope you enjoy it too !

Diana Seriously, any word on when the next books will be released? That was just mean leaving us hanging like that!

Fathima Diana I know right !!!! A tentative release date of Feb or march has been set as of now . Not sure though :/

Diana Fathima wrote: "Diana I know right !!!! A tentative release date of Feb or march has been set as of now . Not sure though :/"

I just read on the author's page tentatively Feb for Being Me and May for Revealing Us. Seriously sucky. This is the reason I try not to buy books in a trilogy unless all of the books have been released because I hate waiting! Same thing happening right now with the whole Bared to You Crossfire series.

Fathima Seriously , I sooo agree with you girl !!! Damn , hate the waiting !

Bonnie Fantastic review! You truly outshined them all!

Fathima Thank you Bonnie =D

message 24: by Sats (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sats m reading this book now :)

message 25: by Sats (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sats Loving it so far..Hopefully Mark bangs her too.. ;)..I think he is so Hot and it will be a HOT scene with him and Sara f**ing each other ;)

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