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Borrowed Ember by Samantha Young
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Jul 01, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: series, young-adult

“Yeah, I only have three expressions. Blank. Pissed off. And polite boredom.”

Jai, you never bore me at all!! Lol!

Awww so that's why i kept on reading this very slooowly! It's not just because it's a total cliffhanger, it's also because I'm gonna be soooo sad!

Two topics. I have two topics that i want to discuss. Both of them have 2 stars each.

First topic is: sadness.
Yes. Sadness! Sadness in this book is very much related to fear. Because of fear, there is sadness.
Jai's fear, he is scared because he doesn't know how to accept loving Ari. Oh yes, he's in love with her, hands down! But he doesn't know how to say it. He's scared because he couldn't give the right reaction or he doesn't know how to just let himself go and embrace that admission of love. Every time he thinks about it, it makes him sad and remembers the cruelty of his family's words and actions when he was growing up. He couldn't let himself believe that someone or that Ari is capable of loving him with all her heart. It's sad because he is so broken and it's sad because he's sort of hurting her also.

Charlie's fear, he's fear is losing himself to power. In the end that addiction won and i really hate Charlie for it. Yes, he thinks it's justice and revenge, killing his brother's murderer but with the way he wants revenge only increases his way to his doom. Because of this revenge and fear of not being able to avenge his brother's death he was able to lose all the people that he loves. One of them is Ari. It's very sad because he was able to start from loving Ari and ending up in losing her. Not because Ari doesn't love him back but because of his own power-thirst. I really like Charlie!!!! I was even jealous with a certain female-Guild! Awwww!

Ari's fear is losing the people she loves and being taken over by the Seal.
"But Jai… I would die a hundred deaths to save you…because the thought of being here without you now, the thought of losing you… is unimaginable."
What's sad about this is that Ari did lose people like Sala and Fallon. Her mother and her friend. She almost lost Jai too. The Seal was scary! It's sad because every time it controls her, she feels like people don't want to be with her. And it's really a big issue for her because she always feel like people don't love her enough.

Next topic with 2 stars:

“I love you. Okay? I love you. You’re not alone.”

LOVE. What else right?

This book makes me melt with all the sweetness and mushy stuff in it!

Ari and Jai. Finally!
These two are the perfect lovebirds! I love them!
Ari never gave up.
"All I know is that there are all these people who think I belong to them. And the truth is, Jai, I’ll only ever belong to you. If you want me, I’ll belong to you forever.”
Even though Jai is being indifferent with her she still clings to him seeking comfort. She's very patient with him and she treats him like he's fragile( which he probably is) yeah! She understands him better like no other could. Best thing about this is he really needs it. Jai needs someone like Ari. And it's so perfect that he also fell in love with her. *sings Need You Now by Lady Antebellum*
He might be afraid of the relationship he has with Ari but he was still able to let himself embrace it in the end.
“I’ll always want you,” he whispered urgently against her lips. “You’re mine now, okay. Only mine.”
These two are totally in love and crazy for each other. Ari proved her love for Jai by always i mean always choosing or putting him first. Jai proved his love for her by standing by her while his father asked him to choose.

Love of Charlie. Yes Charlie still loves Ari, but that love was tainted by his hunger for power. That's very bad because he drowned in it and he forgot all about the good things. Awwww. I don't know what to say but pity.

"No one has ever looked at me the way you do. It’s humbling… to have someone like you look at someone like me that way.

Love. Red is in love with the ifrit. Now she's also gone. I hate White because I really thought he loved Ari. Asmodeus really love his sister Lilif. Trey and a Jinn king is getting mushy. Lol. Fallon loved Charlie... :(

Another star? What could be that for....
Jai's hotness?
Ari's loyalty and pureness?
Charlie's stupidity?
I think by just thinking about these stuff is worth another star? Don't you think? Lol!

I cannot wait for the 4th book!!!!! Coming out this November!!!!!
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Joanna omg. i promise promise promise that I will read you soon. it's just that it will be hard after I read this that it will be a cliffhanger or something like that.

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